Monster High Advertisement

So, I was walking along Wimpy Boardwalk when I noticed an ad that hadn’t been there before.  Or at least as far as I could remember hadn’t been there.  So, I figured that I would do a post about it, since I needed something to post about.

So, like you’ve probably guessed from the picture above, this ad is for Monster High… Which, I know nothing about.  I don’t even know what it is.  So if someone out there wants to be nice and wants to help me conquer my stupidity, please tell me what on earth this thing is!

Anyway, like I said, I found this ad on Wimpy Boardwalk.  This ad is really easy. Basically all you do is go inside one of the dorms, which is basically a sort of a common room; get the prizes; and leave whenever you want to.

To go inside one of the dorms, enter the building.

You’ll be brought to a screen where you’ll be able to choose which dorm you want to go to.  I’m going to do them in the order that they’re shown, but you can do them in whatever order you want to.

Let’s start with Venus’s dorm.

Once you’re inside her dorm, go to the left and you should see an outfit on a manikin that you can customize.

Go above that, and you’ll see a thing that, when you click on it, you’ll be brought to a page where you can read about Venus.

Sorry, random Poptropican, for taking your picture.

When you’re done reading that, you’ll get a Monster High Pollenator power.

The Pollenator power makes a cloud of greenish-yellowish stuff rise up from your Poptropican.  I’m guessing that’s supposed to be pollen.

WARNING: Do NOT use if you have allergies.

Those are the only two things that you can get in that dorm.

Now, let’s move on to Rochelle’s dorm.

The layout of this room is just the same as the last one.  Go in, go left, there’s a manikin with a customizable outfit on it.

Above that, there’s a thing that you can read about Rochelle.

Once you’re done reading that, you’ll get the Monster High Stone Gargoyle power.

The Stone Gargoyle power allows you to select a character and turn them into a statue.

…I didn’t just do that…

Those are the only prizes in that dorm.

Last, but not least, let’s go on to Robecca’s dorm.

This dorm’s layout is exactly like the one’s before it.

A manikin to the left…

…and above that, a place where you can read about Robecca.

Sorry, (other) random Poptropican, for taking your picture.

Once you’ve read that, you’ll get the Monster High Jet Pack power.

Use that, and you’ll put on a pair of goggles and a jet pack, shout something like “to the sky”, and you’ll take off into the big blue.  Don’t worry though, you’ll come down in a few seconds.

That’s it!  See ya later!


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  1. This ad bothers me in so many ways……

  2. ★Brave Tomato★

     /  September 10, 2012

    In the Monster High stuff, it randomly puts me in a costumize screen with Afro Guy! o.o


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