Super Villain Members Only Bonus Items

I know, I know, terrible title.

The Members only Bonus Items for Super Villain Island have come to the Poptropica Store!

The three items are the Night Hare costume, the Evil Henchmen power, and the Sleeping Powder power.

The Night Hare costume looks pretty much like Dr. Hare’s costume, except yours is a light blue color instead of pink.

So, when I looked at the Evil Henchmen power, I thought that those were follower things.  Which I would have liked, cause I personally thought that that little robot mouse was pretty cute.  But, unfortunately, the Creators must have thought that having a cute little mouse like that follow you wasn’t a good idea.

When you activate this item, it makes a bunch of rabbits, spiders, mice, or shrimp (it’s random) fall from the sky and then walk/crawl away.

And, finally, the Sleeping Powder power makes all the Poptropicans around you fall asleep.

…Or, in this guy’s case, it makes you hold your head funny and walk around with your eyes open like nothing was wrong…

Remember, if you want the Night Hare costume, make sure that you get it before Super Villain Island comes out to non-members.  Although, I don’t know why I’m warning you about this right now, considering Super Villain Island hasn’t even come out for members yet.


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  1. ★Brave Tomato★

     /  September 15, 2012

    I thought the evil henchmen would be followers, too! But apparantly not… crawfish shower anyone?
    When you talk to someone while they’re sleeping, they should’ve gotten their head upright… their tilted heads while awake is pretty creepy…
    I’m really excited about this island! I have the habit of reading along with the dialogue, so it’ll be nice to voice stuff from characters that are familiar… Poptropica-wise.


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