Hotel Transylvania Ad

Oh, and there’s a new ad. It’s about the new movie coming out, Hotel Transylvania.

When you’re outside,


A pic’s worth a thousand words. ‘Nuff said.

Inside, the little monster will run away and you’ll have to do the dirty work. I mean it.


Walk to Drac and he’ll whiny, whine, whine to you. Then you do the work.


So I don’t have to type it, here are the instructions.


Here’s a guide: The “wrapped up” bag is Murray’s, the “stitches” bag is Frank’s, the “normal” bag is Jonathan’s, the transparent bag is Griffin’s, and the “scratched up” bag is Wayne and Wanda’s.

Murray= First Floor

Frank= First Floor

Jonathan= Second Floor

Wayne & Wanda= Second Floor

Griffin= Third Floor

It’s easy and you have a full 150 seconds. Then you get costumes. (These are the girls’)



The boys get Frank and Drac costumes. Credits to Shifty Hopper and Samwow!

You can go help again, but you get the same things.

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  1. The boys have Frank and Dracula Costumes.

  2. Shifty Hopper

     /  September 20, 2012

    The boys get a Drac Costume and a Frank Costume.


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