Poptropica Pop Quizzes: Updated

Everyone knows about the Pop Quiz feature in Poptropica.  You answer a question, it gets added to your profile, and you have one question a day… or at least you did until you ran out of questions.  And then you just sat there, waiting for your daily question, but no new questions were added.  That is, no new questions were added until the Creators updated them recently

Finally, a pop quiz you’ll enjoy

We’ve recently added dozens of new pop quizzes to Poptropica Friends. Now, you can share with the world even more of your unique personality — and learn more about your friends, too.

Taking pop quizzes is easy. Just log into your Poptropica account every day for a new quiz, and check out the “recent activity” tab to see what your friends have been up to.

I never knew that Captain Crawfish can climb trees! How do you do that with a peg leg? Very slowly, I guess.

avatar image

All I can say is that it took the Creators long enough to add some more questions.

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  1. Scary Fairy

     /  October 16, 2012

    I love doing he pop quizzes. But I hate real life pop quizzes!

  2. Maybe Captain Crawfish can climb really good because it’s a skill you have to have to be a sailor.


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