The Top 5 Scariest Moments, Places, and Things in Poptropica

Hey guys, BT here! Now, I’ve taken another look at Poptropica- and let’s face it- some small parts are scary… T_T In honor of Halloween, here are the top 5 scariest moments in Poptropica…

5) The Weeping Angel Statue

Location: Haunted House

Why it’s freaky: Those who watch Doctor Who will flinch at the sight of this thing. I never watched it, but in the episode, these statues supposedly come to life and come after you or something. Something about looking at it… and the fact that you shouldn’t blink. Although this statue is harmless, it’s still gives off the heebie-jeebies.

4) The Chupacabra

Location: Cryptids Island

Why it’s freaky: So you’ve captured the Chupacabra. That’s great. You push the crate concealing the beast towards the truck when all of a sudden, BAM! The Chupacabra breaks out of the crate and runs off, sound included. This can make you jump.

3) The Cemetary Labyrinth

Location: Ghost Story Island

Why it’s freaky: Welcome to the Cemetary Labyrinth, a maze concealed in darkness. Who knows what could be around the corner? With frogs jumping, ravens going from one perch to another, something rustling in the bushes, and a skeleton of a bird lurking in the maze, this place has your imagination going places.

2) “Are you looking for someone?”

Location: Ghost Story Island

Why it’s freaky: We all know that’s sound’s rare in Poptropica, but what about voice acting? Only 3 islands have voice acting, and one of them occurs in the creepiest way. Just as you are looking through the telescope, a woman’s voice asks “Are you looking for someone?” Since you don’t expect it and you’re just surprised, for that brief second, you think somebody’s in your room. But then it’s Fiona. Why?

1) The Jersey Devil

Location: Cryptids Island

Why it’s freaky: Okay, let’s face it. First, you enter a creepy New Jersey wood. Then you end up in front of some weird gates who’s house number is 669, but the 9 is turned upside down, so it’s really “666” (the number of the devil- and I thought 1313 was a creepy number!). Then you explore a creepy house until you find a raccoon and a grappling hook. Just as you are to exit, who’s at the window? The Jersey Devil! Just everything about this scenario is just plain wrong.

So that’s the five scariest moments, places, and things in Poptropica! If you have any more scary moments, let me know in the comments!

BT out!

(Oh my gosh, I really need to stop making pointless posts like this this often… and eventually make a post that has a point…)

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  1. Good Post BT!

  2. No really, the Jersey Devil made me jump. M and my cousin were redoing Cryptids Island and I even though I knew that the Jersey Devil would come like a painting. So when it did (his poptropican was running so the sudden stop was unexpected) I screamed!
    And BT the post’s not pointless! Its

  3. i was horrified when the chupacabra jumped out of the box and i have two accounts so yay. hes not here is he? i still cant walk through a dark room. or by a window. holding a rusty lantern. in jersey. pine (and get this) the actual address of 66 and a rusty upsidedown 9

  4. Icy Skunk

     /  April 1, 2013

    I think the “Are you looking for someone?” part was scariest. I totally FREAKED!!! …Until I realized it was just the game. But still! *shudders* Jersey Devil was scary too, but I didn’t freak at the sight of it. All of these made me jump :3

  5. Moody Eel

     /  June 21, 2013

    THANK YOU! You’re like the only other one who noticed that statue. Every time I play the Haunted House, I get afraid to turn around.

  6. Scary Plug

     /  August 10, 2013

    When I looked at the Jersey Devil, I almost had a heart attack!

  7. Slippery Sponge

     /  November 24, 2013

    The zombie island was TOTALLY Scary. So was the chupacabra.


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