Zomberry: Day Zero, The Fifth Comic

With Zomberry Island coming closer, and closer, the more we are learning about how this tragedy came to happen.  The story is being told through comics, called Zomberry: Day Zero.  There are a total of six comics.  The fifth comic was released yesterday, with the suspense getting more…well…suspenseful with every second.

Take a look below to see the fifth addition to Zomberry: Day Zero.

It seems that the zombie’s only weakness is light.  Why am I not surprised?

The sad thing is, there’s only one comic left.  And the even sadder thing is, we don’t get to see it until Monday.  That means a whole weekend of wondering where Joe Puddy has run off to at the end of the comic…  Fun.


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  1. You Darn Creators! 😆 XD


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