I’m Back! (Finally)

Hi peeps!

Okay, the last time I posted was over two months ago.  Ugh.  I am so, so sorry that I keep not posting!  It’s just that I’ve either been really busy or really lazy.  It’s not that I’ve lost interest in Poptropica, it’s just that life keeps getting in the way.  (And, yes, I know I’ve said that before. 😉 )  But I’m back now.  And maybe this time I’ll be back to stay.

I’m just going to go ahead and say two things.  The first one is that I probably won’t be able to post as much as I would like, just because of life and school and stuff.  Hopefully when summer comes I’ll be able to do a little bit more posting than I’m able to now.  The second thing is that, because I’ve been gone for two months, I’m pretty much clueless about what has gone on in the world of Popropica recently.  So it might take me a little while to catch up.  If some nice person out there would like to sum up what has gone on between the last time I posted and now, it would help me a lot!  (Hint, hint!)  😉  You don’t have to, of course, it just might help speed up the process of me getting back on track.

I’ll deal with things like all those comments that I have to approve and changing the header right away.  Then, after I figure out everything I’ve missed, I’ll do posts about all the really important stuff that hasn’t been posted about yet.

I’m thinking about hiring a new author, so if you want to be an author, comment on this post or on the Become an Author page, and I’ll consider you.  I’m not definite about whether I actually want to hire an author or not, so I may end up not hiring anyone at all.  But, we’ll see!

I think that’s everything I wanted to say…  Thanks to everyone who visited my blog while I was gone and who have supported me even though me not posting for long periods of time is sort of becoming a regular thing with me.  It really, really means a lot to me!  You guys rock!  😀


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  1. Can I be an author? I’ve always dreamed of helping this blog! Please IC.

  2. Hi, Icy Comet! I would like to be an author!

    • Summary:
      Poptropolis Games sunk (you can still have a tribe, though). Yes, it’s true. You can still go there by going to a Poptropica ad transporter. 😦
      There’s a LEGO CUUSOO projest for Dr. Hare that needs 10,000 supporters (for this occasion, Dr. Hare changed his profile picture).
      There’s going to be an Island called Night Watch Island (there is gear in the Poptropica Store right now for members).
      Zomberry Island has been released. The Zomberry Comics have a download too.
      There’s a possibility for a mall island to come, a Mardi Gras Island to come, and there is a chance for Monster Carnival coming back!!!!!! 😀
      The Poptropica Official Guide App has been updated.
      The books have been updated.
      There is a DS Game called Poptropica Adventures, too!
      If there is anything else, you can click my name to go to my blog, and go to the category “News/Creators’ Blog.” I hoped that helped! PS, I have never forgotten about you! :mrgreen:


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