Is it a nickel or a quarter to ride a pickle?

Hey guys, Samwow5 here. The Creators just gave us a sneak peek of Night Watch Island! Here it is!


Is it just me or is there a Pickle with a Marshall’s Badge? That’s so…….. awesome! When I get to the Island I will put on my Cowboy Outfit and show that pickle who’s boss!

Anyway, check out that awesome hat with a black flag on it, and the Night Watch Island Medallion! Also, there’s a new icon at the top right corner of the pic – a cell phone. Maybe it part of the mall cop gear or something else. Can Poptropica get any better? Oh yeah, if they make Poptropica Houses they can :D  ! Also on PCB they said Night Watch Island is coming soon so say tuned!


P.S:  IC, I’m sorry about the links to my blog, On this post I would have linked the stuff to your pages, but you don’t have any yet. Hope u understand!

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  1. Don’t worry about linking to your blog. I don’t mind. 🙂


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