Be a director…. Tomorrow!

Sorry IC, I missed a couple of posts, but here’s a recap that has happened the past 2 weeks.


Tomorrow, Back Lot Island will be released to members! That’s right; Tomorrow! I wonder why the creators have given us no warnings about islands coming out lately. Anyway here’s what the creators had to say:

Members, play Back Lot Island this Thursday!

Monday’s post may have been an April Fool’s joke — and good on you if you figured it out — but what we’ve got to say next is deadly serious. So serious, in fact, that it deserves its own paragraph. Early Access to Back Lot Island will be available to Poptropica Members tomorrow, April 4! You can follow the countdown to the instant Back Lot Island launches to Members on the Poptropica homepage. If you’re not yet a Member, don’t miss out — become a Member today so that you can play Back Lot Island tomorrow!

When the island is released, The TIB will have a guide for Back Lot Island as soon as possible after it comes out.
Also, the creators pulled a April Fool’s joke on us 2 days ago, here’s the post!

It’s the biggest announcement in Poptropica history. Introducing Poptropica HD in 3D – powered by TURBO!Our team has been working around the clock for the past 12 months to update the entire site into stunning high-definition, three-dimensional graphics. You won’t believe your eyes!

This is the future of Poptropica: crisp outlines, bold colors, and the astonishing depth of field only advanced high-resolution graphics can provide. So realistic, it’s like you’re actually there!

In order to see these AMAZING graphics, you will need to purchase a pair of Poptropica HD 3D glasses! These sweet specs will retail for the low, low price of only $999.95!*

Not convinced? Poptropica HD-3D is even approved by Poptropica Creator Jeff Kinney, paid endorser:

Get ready for the next generation of TURBO-POWERED POPTRAWESOMNESS!!*Shipping and handling not included. Expected HD-3D glasses on-sale date: 01/01/2014.

Really creators!?! Do you think we are dumb enough to fall for that? Maybe, a few people did like me *cough* cough*
Finally, did you remember in the desktop wallpaper for Back Lot Island? Well, on Poptropica right now, the director guy (named Kirk Strayer) Is taking pictures with us, Poptropicans. Here’s some pics of my experience in the magical Photo Booth!
Go inside the photobooth, and click on “Take Photo”……….
……and automatically a picture will be added to your photo album! All you have to do is go to your friend list, click on your photo album, and you will see the picture!
Wow, he really looks bored in the photo.
Last, but not least, I’m sorry guys I wasn’t here to prank you on April Fool’s or do a newspaper for Easter Weekend, so I thought I will make it up by….. showing you this cool photo! I hope you laugh at it!


The Creators have created this all-new Poptropica desktop wallpaper, which comes in downloadable and printable poster formats, both free to all people. Now, which costume below is the best?


Also, the Creators have also posted a new sneak peek for Back Lot Island, which appears to be a movie clip of a chase in a “Wild West” (not the island) film. I really love these kinds of movies, they make me want to get up and ride a horse into the sunset.

back lot island clip

*Continues riding into the sunset, now falls of cliff. XD*


The new Members Only Silent Treatment Gold Card (now that’s a long title) lets you turn your Poptropica playthrough into a black and white film “complete with film grain”, according to the Creators. Why? Because Back Lot Island is coming soon to Poptropica! Pretty cool! But I think Poptropica is way better with color. (By MS on my blog)


Wow, the creators have never done this before! They announced the top ten non-members to finish an island. Also, the creators made it into a 1 photo format!


Here’s something for members: The Director Costume and the Clapboard Item have been released! First, here’s the director costume!


Wow, now I can be like Steven Spielberg, filling movies and yelling at people all the time :D  . I wonder when the Silent Treatment Power is going to be released? I hope soon, because a Director can only yell for so long :P  !

The Clapboard Item has also been released too! When you activate it, you will yell: Take 1′ Take 2′ Take 3′ and slap the clapboard together!


And that’s a wrap!


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