New island, and an island released to members!

Hey guys, remember a couple of weeks ago on the Daily Pop they were showing pictures of a new island about you exploring the anatomy? Well, if you didn’t, here some pictures about it, because later you will be needing them! Thanks Fishy for the pictures!

Well, like I was saying! There’s a source about that island’s name with the costumes of the island too! It’s called Virus Hunter Island!

Virus Hunter Island

The source is from here, it also has pictures from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, Zomberry Island, Night Watch Island, and Back Lot Island so far! I don’t know if this is true or not, but I hope it is! EDIT: A TIB reader: Silver Wolf pointed out that redirects to Poptropica!



Do you even know who’s more magical than Back Lot Island? It’s Tough Icicle’s Blog of course! It has many features to help you defeat Back Lot Island! It many resources listed below to help you!

Also, congrats to the top ten finishers of Back Lot Island! Click the “Read more” button to see the rest of the post.


Come on Seraphim! You can do better! I will like to see all top ten finishers, Seraphim, one time . :P

Remember! The magic begins on Back Lot Island! The TIB or ICB!

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  1. I’m really pumped for the new island! I want to be a doctor when I grow up, so I think I’m going to enjoy this island. 🙂


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