Hey Howdy Hey!

Hey there people! I’m Nameless UnDEFiNed, the new Author c: I’m going to try to get the blog active again, so count on seeing way more posts from me 😛 Right now I’m only an Author, so I can only do posts, and I can only moderate comments that are on my own posts. So if you want a comment, I’ll be able to make it go through on my posts 😛 So I guess since I’m on this awesome blog that some of you would like to know about me, I guess I’ll get to that.

I’m Nameless UnDEFiNed. I play and blog about Poptropica, I do what I love, and I don’t EVER want to stop. I’ve been blogging about Poptropica since January 2013 (I’m sooooo old), but I’ve been playing Poptropica itself since the beginning of code 😉 My username is private, sorry, but friend pop123tropica15 :p I write guides, uncover backgrounds and static links, as well as Unofficial Sneak Peeks.

So yeah, hope I can get the blog active again 🙂 Thanks Icy Comet for letting me join 😀

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

SignoffIcy Comet’s Edit: Just wanted to say real fast that since Nameless has been awesome enough to take an interest in this blog, it has inspired me to start doing admin-type stuff for this blog again.  So I’ll be approving comments and other stuff like that.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do a post every now and then.  Really sorry I got so inactive, life just got super busy.  I’m really excited to get the blog going again.  I might be considering adding another new author sometimes soon, so if you’re interested, leave a comment on this page or the Become an Author page, and you never know what might happen…  (Nameless, I hope you don’t mind me editing your post.  I didn’t know where else to write this!)

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  1. Hey NU! Good job!


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