Some great (and arty) mentions

Hey guys! This is BC in vacation, on my aunts iPad. So anyways, on with the post. Just today, the PHB Popcorn has been published, this time with Issue 20! Well, guess what? Ahem, excuse me, pardon me:


The reason? I have sent episode 1 for issue 20. You can see his post on ( or, you can see the quote of what he exactly said here:

“the start of an exciting series by Bony Catfish…”

Yep, I sent it, and lets just say I didn’t regret it at all. For now on, every time I finish an episode, I’ll send it for issue [insert here].

Well, that’s just it for me. Now here’s the other mention (this one was found by author Magic Fire and Smart K): PHB author HPuterpop won the Golden Noodle award for (I dunno the award, and yes, I watched the video) drawing Think’s poptropican (and it was a fabulous drawing!). Congrats HP!

Well, that’s it! See ya next time!

– BC

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