Icy Comet’s Blog is here to help any Poptropica players who have questions about Poptropica or need help completing islands. Also, Icy Comet’s Blog is here to give you news about upcoming events on Poptropica, and it’s here to give you news from the Poptropica Creator’s Blog, so that you can stay informed about all the new things that are happening in Poptropica. I will do my best to help any player who needs it, and I hope that you like my blog! 😀

~Icy Comet


Icy Comet:

I’m Icy Comet and I created Icy Comet’s Blog. I am a 14 year old girl, and I live in the U.S.A. I love books, the outdoors, my pets, music, dancing, and, of course, Poptropica! I can get a little crazy at times, and I LOVE technology (even if I’m not very good at it sometimes 😉 ) I hope that I can help lots of Poptropica players with my blog. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please fell free to leave a comment! 😀

Neat Comet:

Hi! I’m Neat Comet (well, I’m not related to Icy Comet!)! I really love nature, humor, vampires, other stuff, and of course, Poptropica! 😆 I am pretty shy most of the times, but I am trying my best not to! 😉

Maroon Ocean:

I’m Coolypurr! I’m super proud to be an author on this popular blog! :-) You’ve probably have heard of me on Super Thunder’s, Neat Comet’s, and my blog! I love blogging and I’m a overly smart 12 year old, and I go to school with Neat Comet! :-D In fact, I’m Neat Comet’s BFF! (One of.) I’m Chinese, and did I mention that I was smart? :lol: I love a lot of things, you can describe me as a lot of things, and last thing: I’m GOOD at Poptropica, and I have a lot of names and accounts. I have accounts on lots of other websites too!

Brave Tomato:

My name is Brave Tomato, also known as BT/ Eliza/ Fern, and yes, I joined ANOTHER Poptropica blog. Why? Because I like it. Well, a little bit about me… I am a 13-year-old girl that has creative bursts at times. And my Poptropican’s signature look is the star on the cheek. My favorite island is Mythology island and… Yeah. I admit I like mythology. I also work on Super Thunder’s Blog, the Huntresses blog, and Where Thunder Roars, as well as others.

Super Thunder:

I’m Super Thunder, and I’m fourteen years old. I’m a ninth grader who hated math and English before it got combined into Algebra I. And so, naturally, I hate Algebra 1 even more than math and English. So I live in Las Vegas, and I like to sing and dance and rock climb. I also founded Super Thunder’s Blog, and I used to work here before, but then I left, but now I’m back again! So thanks for reading!

Little Penguin:

Hi, I’m Little Penguin. Call me LP for short. I’m a BOOKWORM! I love blogging, using the internet, reading, and of course POPTROPICA! In reality I’m very LOUD! Being loud makes me have fun. My favorite island is Cryptids. You may know me in my blog. It’s very fun working in this blog. 😀

Nameless UnDEFiNed:

I’m Nameless (Durh), my usernames are pretty much private, but I do give it out to my friends.  I’ve been playing Poptropica since it released, even though I’ve only been blogging about it since January-ish 2013.  I wish Poptropica had Friend Requests, rather than letting people just randomly friend you, but I have to wait on that.  I love finding Static links of Poptropica, and finding the things under the surface. 🙂 I have always wanted one thing out of blogging, and that’s to be heard.  To have people know my name, and just KNOW me.  So I hope one day, I’ll accomplish that.  I don’t currently have my own Poptropica Blog, I don’t think I’ll be opening one soon, but things change everyday.  If you like Poptropica, we’ll probably get along 😛

Magic Fire:

Hi, I’m Magic Fire! But you can call me MF, Magic or whatever you want really. I’m proud to be an author on this awesome blog with Icy Comet and the other authors of course! I have been playing Poptropica for about 3 years now, but only started blogging about it in December 2013. Anyways, I have my own blog, The Poptropica Package, check it out please if you have time. I’ll try to post and help around here as much as I can!
If you have any questions or suggestions, just email us at icycometsblog@gmail.com.

Note: We are not the creators of Poptropica, we are only here to help players, and we can’t change anything Poptropica. Thanks! 😉

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  1. Awesome page! 😀

  2. Might I say… Epic header! Goes really well with the color of the background!

  3. Can i add something about myself ?

  4. Gentle Heart

     /  June 17, 2012

    Hi Icy Comet! Hey, in the header, how do you get that hairstyle?

    • The bangs are from the Pop Star Costume. I can’t remember where I got the braid, but you can probably find someone wearing it in a common room.

  5. Icy Comet, I’m not an eighth grader anymore and I’m a few days away from being fourteen!

  6. whats Neat Comet’s Blog address and Maroon Ocean’s Blog address?

  7. Ahem, I’m 12 now. You can just replace the ’10’ to ’12’. That’ll be alright. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  8. Ho do you let people have their own page? For example, Super Thunder’s page.

  9. @Haley Stanton
    When you say “Super Thunder’s page”, do you mean the page that comes up when you click on Super Thunder’s name in the Comet Team menu? If you do, that is part of the Authors widget. If you have that in the sidebar, like I do, than it will automatically create a link for each author. The links go to pages with posts from each author. If you want to add that to your blog, in your dashboard go to the Appearance menu. From there, go to Widgets. You’ll see a bunch of available widgets that you can choose to add to your sidebar. Drag the Authors widget over to the sidebar, edit anything that you want to change on it, and then save it. That should do it.
    If that’s not what you mean, let me know, and I’ll try to help you some more.

  10. Thanks, that is what I meant.

  11. Nameless UnDEFiNed

     /  September 4, 2014

    Hey Icy, could I maybe email you my Pop-Portfolio to add to this page? 🙂

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