Poptropica Tips and Tricks, Ninja Style!

Here’s some tips and tricks for ninjas!

Poptropica Tips and Tricks: Mastering your ninja powers

In the course of playing through Red Dragon Island on Poptropica, your ninja training will teach you a few things. Like how to wall jump.

And how to throw a throwing star.

But a true ninja master will figure out that these moves can be combined.

Throwing stars (and smoke bombs, for that matter) from your perch high up on a wall can be the difference between success and failure when you infiltrate the samurai fortress. Use your skills wisely!

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~Icy Comet

Learn Cool Tricks and Get Your Fortune Told!

Here are some cool tricks that the Creators posted on their blog.

Piloting the mech around Steamworks Island is tons of fun! It also presents its own challenges, especially because of its size. Did you know that the mech can crouch, just as your Poptropican can?

This can be helpful in many situations, especially against the Bolas plant.

See? Duck, and the seed pods will sail safely over your head!
You can still use your weapon attachments from a crouching position.

Of course, when you’re ducking, you can only aim downhill.
What other neat things have you found to do with the mech?

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I wish I knew what those attachments are.  I’m still angry at the Creators for making memberships.

There is also a new item in the Poptropica Store.

The Fortune Cookie has just arrived in the store. Pearls of wisdom from the minds of the Poptropica Creators have been carefully placed inside each of these cookies.
This fun, new item has two purposes:
1. Crack open the cookie to understand your own future
2. Place the cookie in common rooms to provide the future for unsuspecting Poptropican users.
Follow these simple guidelines to place a fortune cookie among others then wait for them to click.

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That fortune cookie idea is so cool!  I love getting fortunes from fortune cookies, but surprisingly enough, I don’t like the way fortune cookies taste at all.

~Icy Comet