Updated Shrink Ray Island!

Hey guys! So today, I was looking around on Twitter, when I decided to go on the Poptropica’s Twitter, I saw this:

Yep, so Shrink Ray Island will be next to become an updated island! They said it will be released sometime next month. Also with that news, they have decided to release two members-only items for it, the Milk Box and Bottle Cap Costume!

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So if you’re a member, go ahead and grab them in the store!

The last goodbye

Hey guys. So, title says it all. So, I’m going to resign this blog, but before you shower me with comments including rage and sadness, I’d just like you to hear my reasons out.

I have actually lost interest of this blog. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but this blog is.. dull and uninteresting for me. Between being an editor and actually getting to post and being a viewer and actually view and comment, I would actually pick the second over the first one. Besides, this blog feels so empty and inactive. Like, no one’s even posting. Working here isn’t a treat to me anymore.

I’m pretty sure it’s more beneficial for a blog to have active authors than to have an author who BARELY posts. I just don’t want to take up the space. I mean, someone out there probably deserves it more than me.

This blog has had a good run. I had a good time, reading the posts, reading your comments, etc. But it’s just too much. Now, before I say goodbye, I’m going to give thanks to….

The authors/editors, for giving me a warm welcome, and helping IC by posting, commenting, etc.

The viewers, for commenting on posts and you know, doing what your doing 😉

And best for last, IC, for making this wonderful blog, doing AWESOME things, doing hard work, and you know what I mean, Keep on blogging!

Don’t worry, I’ll still view this blog and comment 😉 . I might be back someday, but I highly doubt it.

The last goodbye.

– BC

Some great (and arty) mentions

Hey guys! This is BC in vacation, on my aunts iPad. So anyways, on with the post. Just today, the PHB Popcorn has been published, this time with Issue 20! Well, guess what? Ahem, excuse me, pardon me:


The reason? I have sent episode 1 for issue 20. You can see his post on (http://poptropicahelp.net/2014/10/05/issue20-out/) or, you can see the quote of what he exactly said here:

“the start of an exciting series by Bony Catfish…”

Yep, I sent it, and lets just say I didn’t regret it at all. For now on, every time I finish an episode, I’ll send it for issue [insert here].

Well, that’s just it for me. Now here’s the other mention (this one was found by author Magic Fire and Smart K): PHB author HPuterpop won the Golden Noodle award for (I dunno the award, and yes, I watched the video) drawing Think’s poptropican (and it was a fabulous drawing!). Congrats HP!

Well, that’s it! See ya next time!

– BC


Jello peoples (That’s my new thing)… I’m sorry, but this is goodbye. I haven’t posted very much since I joined, and I was taking on a lot then. I don’t get to post much, or even play Poptropica much, since school started. I finally have all of my curriculum, and Pre-Calc is KILLING ME<

So I’m sorry, but think of it this way. It’s better that I leave. I got IC motivated to get back online, so now others can help her do so. Now, someone else can have this Author Position and use it for good. So on so forth… Of course, I’m being pretty selfish. I should’ve made this post almost a week ago. But there are a lot of things right now that are testing me… Testing whether or not I’ll not just leave the blog, but leave blogging… Don’t think that this is a definite resignation from the interweb. I’m just getting started (Yes, a year and almost 10 months into it…). And you’ll still see me around, bugging the heck outta someone. But this is goodbye.

Now, being a Whovian, this wouldn’t be a Goodbye without a quote. A good quote. A quote that’s honest.

But I don’t wanna go.

~The Tenth Doctor

And then there’s the long quote. The quote that I was afraid of messing up, so I googled it. The one that Google redirected me to a CLOCK WEBSITE FOR<<< The one that makes me think of all the things I could’ve, and should’ve, done with this Author Position.

Times change and so must I. We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives and that’s okay. That’s good. Gotta keep it moving. So long as you remember all the people who you used to be.               I will not forget one line of this, not one day I swear. I will always remember when The Doctor was me.

~The Eleventh Doctor

No, not that one, I just thought it would be good measure. The Eleventh Hour. It’s a bit of  a poem to me I suppose.

And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven’s Hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve’s.

So I’m 11… Guess it’s time for 12 to come forward then eh?



Hey guys. So, title says its name. I’m crying as I’m writing this, but the saddest news ever:

I’m going to be inactive.

Yep. The reason of this is because is…

I’m going to Norway

Yep, for 3 weeks. The reason being is because of a relative’s wedding (I have to get at the flight tomorrow, ever so early). I might be on, but it’ll be unlikely, because of the connection. I also have like, piles of homework toppled in. I’m doing cyber (online school, sorta), so I won’t need to do piles of paper work.

Also, I am working on TTSOBC, which I am afraid will have to get delayed for a long time. I will be back in October 23 (Thursday).


A new author shines in the light

Hey guys. This is BC here. I’d like to thank IC/Icy Comet for letting me join this blog. So, here are my 10 facts:

  1. I play Poptropica (username is Dr.FunTimesXD if you wanna friend me)
  2. The majority of the songs I like are sung by people who were in Eurovision
  3. I work on 5 other blogs besides this one: PWSP, ATP, TPP, PAw, IFPB, and my hown
  4. I am OBSESSED with Lucky Star and Attack on Titan (mostly AOT/SnK). Seriously, I had AOT as my Google Chrome theme and Lucky Star as my profile pic for the start menu thing. This was at school btw
  5. I have a HUGE problem with shipping. Literally
  6. I was born in Norway to a Norweigian father and a American mother. I spent half my life there, but when I was 6, I moved to the USA
  7. I knew Eurovision since I was three years old. And when I grow up, I want to move to Europe to be in Eurovision (it can happen)
  8. Apparently, AOT is considered “appropriate” at my school
  9. I’m OBSESSED with Euorvison
  10. When I grow up, I want to be a singer and a violinist (like Alexander Rybak; if you don’t know him, look him up)

That’s all for now, and I’m going to do everything I can to try and make this blog the best it can be! Whoops, forgot my bio:

Hello, awesome people. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my info on the internet, but my name starts with in I . I have an interest in urban legends and blogging. I learned that reading to much makes you have creepy visions and nightmares. I’m an otaku and also watch total drama. I’m a Topher and Cody fanatic (and a Eren Yeager one too 😉 ) and ship Tamey (TopherxSamey or SameyxTopher), CoCo (CodyxCourtney or CourtneyxCody), Erevi (LevixEren or ErenxLevi), and Jelsa (JackxElsa or ElsaxJack). I played Poptropica since the beginning, but took a 4 month month hiatus, so my Poptropican is 7 years old. Blogged about in 2014

Yep, that was taken from my gravatar page. Now I can say it.  That’s all for now. I’m going to do everything I can to try and make this blog the best it can be! 🙂

Back Lot Island To Be Updated!

Hey peoples! I was looking through the Static Files trying to get more for the Behind The Scenes page, and I decided to add Back Lot Island next. Then I decided I was going to try an Updated Island Link, but use the Back Lot information on it. They updated the Item Cards, here look:

So the one with the blue background, that’s the version we see on the Island now. The bottom is the updated version. I don’t know long it will be, but from what I’ve seen (And heard), Vampire’s Curse will be updated too. Of course, all of Poptropica will be updated eventually ( 😦 ). So yeah, hope this update makes you guys who like the updates happy 😉



Greek Giveaway!

Hey there peoples so to commemorate my joining, with my classic Teenage Greek Style on Poptropica. So I’m giving away 3 Zeus Accounts!








Well that’s all! 😀 For those of you who win, congratulations! Hope you enjoy your accounts 🙂 For those of you who didn’t make it on time,there’s always another 😉



New Island Guides Coming Soon

PREPS: I was actually just writing a guide for Monster Carnival Island at first, then I realized that the blog has missed more than one Island guide during its inactivity 😛 So if you would like to help write any guides that we don’t have please comment, and I’ll try to see if we can work together on it. 

Yeah, so I was going to write a MCI Guide a few days ago, but there was nowhere for me to put it 😛 So then Icy emailed me saying if I needed her to make any pages for guides or anything to just let her know 🙂 So yeah, if anyone would like to help or has any tips for the Island please comment and I’ll try to get back to you 😉


I’m sorry

I’m resigning from the ICB because I’m too busy, I’m sorry everyone BYE!