Sharktooth Island

Sharktooth Island is being terrorized by a giant shark!  Can you save the island from it?

First, you start out in Main Street on Sharktooth Island.  Walk right until you see a man who is giving away free carbonated coconut milk.  Talk to the man to get some.

Keep going right, past the Tourism Center, to the Shark Museum.  Go inside the Shark Museum, and click on a book that says Journal to look at it.  Inside the Journal, you will see a diagram of some sort on the left-hand page, and on the right-hand page, you will see writing that says, “Simply press the letters that spell ‘open’ using the key below…then press the nose.”  The journal has been ripped where the key was.

Go out of the Shark Museum, and go right to get to a place called Ancient Ruins.  Talk to a girl with braids and a safari-like outfit.  She will tell you that she had a page from Hammerhead’s Journal, but the wind blew it onto the roof.

Keep going right, past the girl with braids, and you will see a cement block.  Push the cement block to the right, until it goes under a vine.  Jump onto the cement block, climb up the vine, jump onto the top platform that is underneath the sign that has an arrow on it, jump off the top platform, jump onto the roof of the temple, and get the piece from Hammerhead’s Journal.  When you are climbing up the vine, and when you are on the platforms, be sure that you don’t get hit by a coconut, because they can knock you off.

Then, jump off of the temple, and keep going right to get to Booga Bay.  When you get to Booga Bay, talk to a guy with curly, red-brown hair to get a grass skirt.  Next to the guy you will see a lady, in a purple suit, who is crying.  Talk to the lady, and she will tell you that her son is stranded at sea, and is trapped by a monstrous shark.  Go to the right, past the lady, and into the water.

Swim to the right, until you get to an island.  Talk to a guy with a fishing pole, and a fishing hat.  First, click on the top bubble to say, “What happened to all these boats?”  The fisherman will tell you, “Booga (the shark) must be really angry.  He’s destroying all our fishing boats!”  Next, click on the second bubble to say, “Is it safe to swim out to that island?”  The fisherman will reply, “No way!  Not with Booga in a rage like this.”  Click on the last bubble to say, “Do you know anything about Professor Hammerhead’s journal?”  The fisherman will reply, “I actually pulled in a page once.  I sold it to an archeologist.”

Next to the fisherman is a platform with a boat’s steering wheel and a canon on it.  A sign next to it says, “Feed the Shark”.  If you feed the shark you will see that an anchor has poked into one of his fin’s, which is probably why he is so angry.

Go left until you get back to the Ancient Ruins.  When you get back to the Ancient Ruins put on your grass skirt, climb onto the vine jump onto the top platform, and go up the second sign.  You now are in where the Medicine Man works.  To get to the top you have to climb up some vines and jump onto the platforms.

When you get to the top, click on the Medicine Man to talk to him.  Click on the first bubble to say, “What do you do?”  The Medicine Man will say, “I mix potions and put them into coconuts.”  Click on the second bubble to say, “What do you know about the Great Booga?” The Medicine Man will reply, “I can make a potion to calm him, but the key ingredient is locked deep in the ancient ruins.”  Click on the third bubble to say, “What else can you tell me?”  The Medicine Man will reply, “Deep in the temple there is a wall carving.  It will show you what you need to bring to me.”

Go down to the Acient Ruins, and enter the temple.  When you first get down into the temple you will be standing on a gray platform.  Jump off of the platform to get to the bottom of the temple.  The bottom is a pool of green water, and two pieces of wood that are floating in the water.

Go left until you get to a cement floor that is separating two pools of green water.  Jump onto it, and then go left to get to a new pool of green water.  When you get to the water, go left until you reach a wall.

Jump up onto the piece of wood, and then jump up onto the gray platform above you.  Another gray platform that moves will get near the gray platform that you should be on.  When it moves near enough, jump onto it, and then, after it moves to the right a little bit, jump onto the gray platform that is above the moving platform.

Above the gray platform you should be on now, is a platform that is swinging from a black rod.  Jump onto that platform, and, when it takes you close enough, jump onto the top of the wall.

You should now be in the same place that the diagram showed in Professor Hammerhead’s journal.  To get through the blocked passage, you need to click on the thing that looks like a face.  Use the key from Professor Hammerhead’s journal to spell the word “open”, so that you can get through the passage.

After you get through the passage, you will find yourself on top of a wall, with a vine close to you.  Jump onto the vine, and slide down.  You land in a pool of water, just like the two before.

Go left until, you reach a gold statue that looks like a shark.  You need to jump to the top of the statue, in order to get to a swinging platform.  To do that you need to wait until a giant green caterpillar goes up the side of the statue, and then you can jump onto the statue.  Don’t take too long, though, because if the caterpillar goes up the statue when you are on it, it will knock you off.

When you get onto the swinging platform, go all the way to the left of it, and jump onto another platform when you get close enough.  From that platform jump onto the edge of a wall.  There are spikes on the left side of the wall, and there is a moving platform that takes you to another wall.

First, jump down onto the ground of the temple, and get an old bone from the mouth of a skull that is on the ground.  After you get the old bone, go right until you get to the shark statue again.

Do the same that you did before to get onto the swinging platform.  Get back to the wall with the spikes on it, and this time get on the moving platform.

The platform will take you to the top of another wall that has spikes on the right side of it.  Go left, and you will end up at the top of another wall, with a vine next to you.  Jump onto the vine, and slide down.

When you get to the ground, you will notice a carving on the wall.  As, you move left, the carving will tell you how to calm the Booga, the shark.  The carving basically is saying that Booga is terrorizing Sharktooth Island.  You need to give the Medicine Man an old bone, the carbonated milk, and the key ingredient.  The Medicine Man will make a potion and pour it into a coconut.  You need to go to the place where you feed the shark to give him the coconut with the potion inside.  Booga will eat the potion, and he will go to sleep.

When you reach the end of the carving, you will see light shining on a cauldron with green stuff coming out of the top.  That is the key ingredient.  Get the key ingredient.  Then, climb up the vine, and get out of the temple.

You will end up in Main Street.  Go to the Medicine Man, and give him the ingredients, so that he can put them into a coconut.  Then, go to the place where you can feed Booga.  Booga will eat the potion, and fall asleep.

Go to the right, swim past Booga, and go onto another island.  When you go to the island there will be an old man and a young boy.  Talk to the old man, and he will ask you to lead him back to the mainland.

Go to the right until you get back to the place where the man is giving out the grass skirts and where the lady in the purple suit is crying.  You will get an island medallion, and 100 free Poptropica credits.

Congratulations!  You have just completed Shark tooth Island!

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