Wimpy Boardwalk

Greg Heffley’s summer vacation goes from good to bad when two teenagers steal his money. In a place filled of sun, carnival games, fun houses, lost car keys, jumbo prizes, metal detectors, photos, and much more can you figure out a way to get Greg’s money back?

Go to Wimpy Boardwalk if you’re not there already. You will arrive on Main Street. Greg will be standing to your right. Talk to him. He’ll tell you that the game is rigged and that he’s down to his last twenty dollars. He will hold up his twenty dollars to show you. All the sudden, there’s a gust of wind. The twenty dollars will fly away in the wind. It will land in the hands of two mean teenagers. They’ll run away with the money. Greg will run after them. You’ll turn to Rowley, and he’ll ask you to help out.

Go all the way to the right, to a new area called the Boardwalk Arcade. Go right until you see Greg. Talk to him. He will tell you that the guys just disappeared.

Go right even more, to another new area called The Beach. Go right and talk to the man who is sitting by a cardboard lady. You’ll ask to get your picture taken, and he’ll tell you that it’s five bucks. When you tell him that you don’t have any money, he’ll do take it for free. He’ll also give you some sunblock.

Go right until you see a man with a metal detector. Talk to him. He will tell you that he’s using the metal detector to find something that he lost.

Go right until you see a man sitting by the water. Talk to him. He’ll tell you that his suntan lotion isn’t strong enough and he got a sunburn.

Go to your items, and find the sunblock. Use it. You will give it to the man. He will give you the suntan oil in return.

Go back to the Boardwalk Arcade.

You’ll see the twenty dollars in a crack in the boardwalk. Greg will walk over to it, but the two teenagers are underneath the boardwalk. They’ll pull it away from Greg when he gets close.

Go back to The Beach. Go right and jump up onto the trash can that’s near the guy who took your picture. You should notice a seagull that has something in its claws flying above you. Jump up when it passes above you to get the thing that it’s holding. The keychain picture will go to your items.

Go over to the guy with the metal detector. Go to your items, find the keychain picture, and use it. You will give it to the guy. He will give you his metal detector.

Go back to Main Street.

When you reach main street, go left until you get to a new area called Boardwalk Rides.

There’s a boy standing by a ride called Cranium Shaker. The boy’s flying a remote controlled helicopter. Talk to him. He’ll tell you that he wants the jumbo prize.

Go left, over the trash can that’s being swarmed by bees, until you get to the parking lot. Click on the lady who’s standing there. She’ll tell you that she’s lost her car keys.

Now you’re on the hunt for tokens. You can find them all over the place like inside the fun house, on stands on the carnival games, etc. You can also use the metal detector on the beach to find them.

Once you have some tokens, go back to Main Street.

You have to beat all of the carnival games in order to get the jumbo prize. You can do them in the order that I list them, or you can do them in any order that you want to.

Pirate Panic-

The goal of this game is to knock down all three bottles using the three balls that you are provided.

Click and hold a baseball to pick it up. Aim it, and then move it upwards and release it to throw it. This one should be pretty easy. The only trouble you might have is figuring out how to throw it, but that shouldn’t take more than one throw to figure out.

Space Fling-

The goal of this game is to throw a ring around at least one bottle using the three rings you are provided.

The controls of this game are exactly the same as the controls for Pirate Panic. Click and hold, aim, move upwards and release. Oh, and you only have to get a ring around one bottle. So don’t start panicking if you can’t get all the rings around bottles.

Circus Soaker-

The goal of this game is to fill your clown’s mouth up with water before any other player.

The controls of this game are really easy. Just hold down the mouse button to shoot water. Keep the water aimed at the clown’s mouth. The balloon above the clown will explode when you have finished filling it up with water.

Fastball Fury-

The goal of this game is throw three balls. After throwing the first two balls, you will be given the balls’ speed. Based on those first two balls’ speeds, you’ll have to try and guess how fast your third ball was going.

The controls to this game are super, super, easy. All you have to do is click the glove when you want to throw the ball. Keep an eye on the meter to your right that tells you about how fast you threw the ball. Try and throw all your balls in about the same place on the meter. After you throw the third ball, you will be given three choices about the speed of your ball. Use your past two speeds to help you guess.

There are a few things you need to do before you can play Himalayan Hurl.

First, go back to the Boardwalk Rides area.

Jump up onto the the Cranium Shaker. Jump onto the car that has a trash can lid on it. Click on the trash can lid to pick it up.

Walk over to the trash can with all the bees flying over it. Jump up and land on the trash can to put the lid on top of it.

Push the trash can over to the cotton candy stand. Click on the trash can lid to take it off. The bees will fly out of the trash can, and they’ll begin flying around the cotton candy.

Click on the trash can. Search through the garbage until you see an empty popcorn bag. Click on it.

Walk over to the popcorn stand. You’ll fill the bag up with popcorn.

Go to The Beach.

Walk over to where a lady is sitting underneath a white and purple umbrella. Use the bag of popcorn.

You’ll dump the popcorn onto the ground, and seagulls will come and start eating the popcorn. The lady will run away because of the seagulls.

Use your metal detector. Use it in the spot where the lady was sitting. You will get some car keys.

Go back to the Boardwalk Rides area. Go to the parking lot. Use the car keys.

You will give them to the lady. She will give you a pair of flip flops.

Go to the Boardwalk Arcade. Walk over to the trash can and jump up onto it. Use the flip flops. Your Poptropican will put the flip flops on. Jump up onto the roof of the arcade and get the flying disc.

Jump down to the ground and walk over to the boy who’s crying. Use the flying disc. He will tell you that if you jiggle the handle on the claw game, you’ll get a free game.

Walk over to the claw machine (the one that has the out of order sign on it). Click on it. Jiggle the handle, and then press the Start button. Move all the other prizes out of the way, until you get the fake vomit.

Go to the Boardwalk Rides area. Walk over to the bumper cars ride. Use the fake vomit. The kids will run around wildly, and, after a few seconds of that, they’ll run away.

Talk to the guy sitting on the stool to start your turn on the bumper cars.

You have to get Rowley’s rabbit’s foot. You have to hit his car (the red one) enough so that he’ll drop his rabbit’s foot. You then have to pick it up. Do all that before the time runs out. Your turn will end when you get the rabbit’s foot.

Once you have the rabbit’s foot, go to Main Street.

You’re ready to play the Himalayan Hurl!

Himalayan Hurl-

Now that you have Rowley’s rabbit’s foot, this game is super easy. Just click anywhere and you’ll throw the ping pong ball. It will land in the red hole.

You’ll get the jumbo prize.

Go to the Boardwalk Rides.

Go over to the guy with the helicopter. Go to your items, find the jumbo prize, and use it. You’ll give it to the guy. He’ll give you your helicopter.

Go to over to the fun house and go inside.

Rowley’s stuck inside the slide. Climb up to the top of the slide. Go to your items, find the suntan lotion, and use it. Rowley will slide down the slide, and he’ll land in the balls. When he lands, he’ll uncover Fregley, who was buried underneath the balls. Fregley’s mom will give you Fregley’s leftover fish sticks as thanks.

Go to The Beach.

Walk over to the edge of the water. Go to your items, find the fish sticks, and use them. You will put them on the helicopter. Now, use the helicopter. Hold it over the water. A crab will come up out of the water and grab onto the fish stick. Now, click to put the helicopter and crab in your items.

Go to the Boardwalk Arcade.

Walk over to where Greg’s money is. Use the helicopter. Hold it over the money. The crab will let go of the helicopter and grab onto the money. You and Greg will run to where the teenagers are underneath the boardwalk. They’ll run away, and Greg will get his money back.

Greg will give you the island medallion and some credits to spend and the Poptropica Store as thanks.

Congratulations! You’ve now completed Wimpy Boardwalk!

Members Only Bonus Quest-

Later that day…

Rowley’s family is ready to leave the boardwalk, and they’re supposed to take Greg with them. But, Greg refuses to leave. Someone has left a message that says “Greg Heffley Is An Idiot” on the high score list of the arcade game Thunder Volt. It’s really not that big of a deal, but Greg seems to think that it’s a tragedy. So, of course, he calls on you to help him out.

You have to beat the second place score. This game is really, really hard, so don’t expect to get it right away. It took me days to beat it, so you’re just going to have a little patience.

There’s not much I can say to help you with this, except that try and get as many upgrades as possible, try your best, dodge enemy fire, and don’t get too frustrated.

There are four waves of enemies. Beat all four waves, and you should have enough points to beat the second score.

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