Create an Island

Have you ever been playing Poptropica only to get hit with a sudden desire to know how on earth the Creators make all of those islands, Poptropicans, common rooms, bad guys, and all the other stuff that Poptropica has?  And then, after wondering about that for a while you start to think that, maybe, if you could learn how to do all of that stuff for yourself, that you would like to make an island of your own?  An island with your own story, your own bad guys, and your own setting.  An island that the Creators, or anyone else for that matter, couldn’t possibly mess up because it was all yours.  I, personally, have never had any of those desires…  But, just for the sake of this post, let’s assume that you have.

Anyway, if you have wished/thought of any of that stuff, you’re in luck!  On August 1, the Creators are releasing a kit called the Poptropica Island Creator Kit.  The kit will answer all of your questions, and, at the same time, it will let you come up with your own island, just like the Creators do!

The Poptropica Island Creator Kit is coming soon!

Have you ever wanted to create your own Island? Now’s your chance!

The Poptropica Island Creator Kit is an activity book that will walk you through all the same steps we take when we make a new Island. You’ll come up with a storyline, create characters, and design puzzles. There are some surprises in store, too.

The Island Creator Kit will be available on August 1, and it’s available for pre-order right now on Amazon!

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Like the good old Captain said in his post, the kit is available for pre-order on  The price right now is $7.19.  In case you’re wondering, here’s the description of the kit from Amazon’s page on it.

Poptropica’s Guide to Island Creation is a first-hand look at creating a custom island Poptropica style. Written and illustrated by the site’s creative team, this unique how-to book guides fans through every step in the process of creating their own Poptropica island.

So, if you’re a budding Poptropica Creator, this might be just the thing for you!

…I wonder what those surprises are…



New Poptropica Books That Are Comin’ Your Way!

Most of you peeps probably know about the book, Poptropica: The Official Guide, that was released last year.  Well, the Creators have decided to add some new books the the collection!  Look below to see pictures and descriptions of the books!  The pics are from and the descriptions are from the Creators’ Blog.

Skullduggery Island-

Description from Creators’ Blog:

In this 160-page illustrated novel, a cruel pirate named Captain Crawfish has been raiding the small port of Fort Ridley. Our hero must embark on a journey to find a powerful ship and skilled crew to help him defeat Captain Crawfish and recover a map that will lead the islanders of Fort Ridley back to their treasure.

Astro-Knights Island-

Description from Creators’ Blog:

In this 160-page illustrated novel, the princess of the Kingdom of Arturus has been kidnapped by an evil inventor named Mordred who has taken her off into space. Our hero now must learn to build his own space craft and travel to the stars on an intergalactic quest to rescue the princess and save the kingdom of Arturus.

Pencil Warrior-

Description from Creators’ Blog:

Something sinister is erasing its way across Poptropica, and the only way to stop it is by re-drawing all the islands and re-creating the world before this new threat can erase every trace. This 64-page full-color doodle book is perfect for fans of Poptropica and anyone who loves to draw.

Poptropica Mad Libs-

Description from Creators’ Blog:

Poptropica Mad Libs features 21 hilarious and action-packed stories based on games and missions from the website. Fans of the site will love to bring the adventure to life by filling in the blanks of our brand new Mad Libs!

Skullduggery Island and Astro-Knights Island are both $5.99 on Amazon.  Pencil Warrior is $8.99, and Poptropica Mad Libs is $3.99.

All four of these books come out on November 8th!

I think all of these books look pretty cool!  Do you think you’ll be getting any of them?



An Update To An Old Island

A certain store in an old island has been updated by the Creators.  Don’t get too excited, though, nothing major has happened.

The Magic Tree House Store on Red Dragon Island is the lucky store that got this update.  Sorry all you other stores, guess you’ll just have to live with being old and boring for right now.  (Yeah, I know that wasn’t funny at all.  Can’t blame a girl for trying.)

Anyway, the update has something to do with pandas.  Here’s the Creators’ post, telling you what this amazing update is.

Is there ever a bad time for pandas?

A little over a year ago, we released an Island in cooperation with our friends at Magic Tree House. It’s called Red Dragon Island, and if you haven’t played it, you’re missing out on a thrilling adventure through old Japan with Jack and Annie, the heroes of the Magic Tree House series.

(Oh, and you also get to master a bunch of awesome ninja skills like climbing up walls and using a grappling hook.)

Whether you’ve been through Red Dragon Island before or not, now’s a great time to head back. Not just because it’s a great adventure, but because the Magic Tree House store has been updated with the latest, greatest books from the series. Head on over to Poptropica and visit Red Dragon Island to get the scoop on A Perfect Time for Pandas, and its accompanying Fact Tracker, Pandas and Other Endangered Species.

And then find the ninja master and get to work!

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So, just to see what would happen, I clicked on the book in the Magic Tree House Store.  Here, wait, let me give you a little picture of the book.

*sigh*  What a beautiful picture…

The book is called A Perfect Time for Pandas.  Yeah, guess you probably read that in the Creators’ post, but I wasn’t really paying attention to their post, so…yeah.  (I think I say “yeah” just a little bit too much…oh, well.)

So, like I was saying, I clicked on the book to see what would happen.  I thought that it would like force me to buy the book or something, which would have been bad, cause I don’t like the Magic Tree House books.  But, thank goodness for me, it just gave me a description of the book

Here’s a pic of the description (and, yes, you have to read it 😈 ).

Watch out for that “Buy Now” button.  Click it, and that’s when they force you to buy the book you don’t want to buy.  (Just kidding! 😉 )

The other book that the Creators mentioned is called Pandas and Other Endangered Species.  Here’s a pic:

So I clicked on this one, as well.  And guess what? They didn’t force me to buy this one, either!  It just showed me a description of the book.  You have to read this one, too.  😀

So yeah, that’s about it.

Let’s think about what I’ve accomplished with this post.  I’ve escaped from a book store without buying anything, and I’ve forced you to read two descriptions of books that you didn’t necessarily care about.  I think that’s pretty good. 😉

Oh, and before I end this boring, annoying, etc. post, I just thought I should explain why I went a little overboard on the pics.  I’m not crazy or anything, it’s just that one of my many dreams is to become a photographer…  Not really.  I just like taking pictures. 😀

Well, now that you officially think that I’m insane, I think I’ll leave.

See ya!