Creators’ Favorite Islands #2

So, as you probably know, the Creators are doing a series of posts, telling us what their favorite islands are.  The first one was with Captain Crawfish’s pick.  You would think that he would have picked Skullduggery Island.  After all, he’s one of the main characters in that.  But, instead he chose Red Dragon Island.  Weird, huh?

Well, yesterday, they did another post in this random and boring series of posts.  This time with Director D.’s pick.

Creators’ favorite Islands: Director D.’s picks

We’re sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Director D.

It’s so much fun to see an island dedicated to some of the greatest urban legends of all time! The scariest part for me was the Jersey Devil.

I love sword fighting games! This adventure doesn’t disappoint. You get to battle an evil robot invasion, upgrade your swords, build up an inventory of energy crystals, and battle a huge robot before it reaches Poptropica!

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Legendary Swords doesn’t really count as an island…  But, still, I thought they were only allowed to choose one thing.


Yay Trained Monkeys!

It looks like the Poptropica Creators’ team of trained monkeys were able to fix the Daily Pop problem!

Comics are back!

Comics are up and running in the Daily Pop. Thanks for your patience!

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~Icy Comet

My Last Will, Written By Monkeys…

I’m sick… D: Really sick. I threw up 7 times. And I was gonna throw up more, but there wasn’t anything left for me to throw up. Anyway, take a look at this…

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where are my comics?

Some of you have noticed a glitch in the comics section of the Daily Pop. They’re not updating! Our team of trained monkeys is working overtime to fix the issue. We will let you know just as soon as it’s resolved.

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Well, if monkeys can fix that, maybe they can write my Will in case I throw up my heart or something. Anyway, here it is:
Isabelle Amaya’s Last Will:
To happyzombie or whatever your current name is, I leave you my blog, and the secret candy stash in a purple box under my bed.
To pSophia, I leave you my closet, and everything in it.
To Selina, I leave you my fish tank, and I hope you take care of Goldie, Goldeen, Goldette, Gold, GoldyTheSecond, and GoldyTheThird.
To Brave Tomato, I leave you my bow and arrows, my secrets, my stuffed bunny that I sleep with, and my nightlight.
To Icy Comet, I leave you my money boxes with my money in them, and my lappytop.
To Friendly Dragon, I leave you my iPod, my books, my movies, my Wii, and my hot chocolate.
Anything else will go to The Museum Of Isabelle Amaya, which you guys will make, I trust.
If I die, I wante everyone to wear the brightest colors possible, and to have a party.
Note: This was posted in Super Thunder’s Blog, Icycomet’s Blog, and Friendly Dragon’s Blog, but it was all written by me, so it’s not plagarism.

You Should Vote for Directer D.

…Or should you?

Why you should vote for me, Director D.

Hello, Poptropicans. It has come to my attention that I am currently lagging in the polls behind Medusa.


Elections such as these are about issues, and no issue is more important than a candidate’s appearance. I ask you to consider my perfectly coiffed salt-and-pepper hair, and then look at the hideous mess of wriggling snakes that Medusa calls a hairdo. Or, rather, don’t look at it, because you will immediately turn to stone. That’s the kind of villain she is. I, on the other hand, only want what’s best for you: a sleek, aerodynamic cranial appearance.

I mean, honestly, Medusa? She’s not even the main villain on Mythology Island. Zeus is! Medusa is a miniboss at best. I don’t even think she’s qualified to participate in this election. Until we see her longform boss certificate, we should consider her an illegitimate candidate.

You have one day left to vote in this round. Vote Director D. for best Poptropica villain!

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You can go to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog to vote for your favorite villain!

~Icy Comet

Poptropica’s 3rd Birthday

Poptropica is going to be celebrating its third birthday!  Here is Director D’s post, telling all about it.

Some of our agents may have already figured it out — it’s Poptropica’s third birthday this month!

To celebrate, we’re giving all Poptropica fans a chance to win a special, rare outfit. All you have to do is visit any common room between now and September 30, and look for the special blue balloon with a “3” on it.

Pop the balloon, and you win!
If you don’t see the birthday balloon this time, you can keep trying. Our 3rd birthday page has all the details.
And now, it’s time to party!

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Hooray for Poptropica!  I wonder what the outfit is going to be.  I hope its cool!  Have fun trying to get the costume!

~Icy Comet