Create Your Own Jack-o’-lantern!

Keep your Halloween spirit alive, the people at have created this interactive jack-o’-lantern.  Click HERE to go check it out!

Here is the picture of the jack-o’-lantern creator that the Creators’ had on their blog.

One more thing, Great Pumpkin Island comes out to non-members Thursday the 14th, which is tomorrow!  I hope all non-members have fun getting their first look at Great Pumpkin Island! 😀

Halloween=Pumpkin Heads

Halloween is coming closer, and that means that costumes are coming back to Poptropopica!  The first costumes to come back are the famous pumpkin heads.  Here is Captain Crawfish’s post about the costumes.

Halloween is coming!

With Great Pumpkin Island now available for Poptropica Members (and coming for everybody on October 14), Halloween is on a lot of people’s minds. Well, why not visit the Poptropica Store to put a Halloween costume on your Poptropican, too? This one’s my favorite:

Since “Great Pumpkin” is already taken, we’ll call this one a very good pumpkin.
What’s your favorite Halloween costume for your Poptropican to wear?

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The Pumpkin Heads come out to non-members on the same day that non-members can play Great Pumpkin Island.  So, you can have even more Halloween spirit by wearing a Pumpkin Head while you play Great Pumpkin Island!

Good news, I have finally finished the Spy Island guide, so if you want to look at it, click HERE.  I’ll welcome any suggestions you have for it!

More news about Great Pumpkin Island and Halloween coming up soon!

*TRUMPETS* Congrats to…

…the top ten finishers of Great Pumpkin Island! Here’s what the Creators have to say about that:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Great Pumpkin Island!

Linus may wait all night for the Great Pumpkin, but we didn’t have to wait long for the first 10 Poptropicans to complete Great Pumpkin Island. Congratulations to the first 10 finishers!
1. Hyper Shark
2. Fierce Moon
3. Cool Typhoon
4. Slippery Plug
5. Tough Bite
6. Small Crush
7. Blue Sky
8. Magic Singer
9. Quick Turtle
10. Bendy Ghost

We’ll look forward to seeing many more of you earning that Island medallion!

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Ahh, how I wish I was a member. Well all I have to say now is…. nothing actually.

A New Island Means A New Map!

Captain Crawfish made a post yesterday about the new map for Great Pumpkin Island.

Wondering what the map is going to look like?  Here is the picture from the Creators’ blog.

Great Pumpkin Island's Map

You can click on the picture to get a bigger image.

Edit: Sorry, that is as big as the picture is going to get. Sorry that my pictures are getting smaller! 😉

Did you notice how Snoopy is in the title?  Of course he is wearing is pilot’s hat and scarf. 😀

Toward the end of his post, Captain Crawfish said that there are lots of mini-games and adventures in Great Pumpkin Island that aren’t on the map, so if you were worried about Great Pumpkin Island’s small size, you can relax.

The Dog has joined the gang!

Snoopy has now joined Linus, Charlie Brown, and Lucy in the pumpkin patch.

The beagle has landed

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, look who’s in the pumpkin patch this week!

Those pumpkins are getting pretty large by now, which must mean that Great Pumpkin Island is almost here. As Linus could tell you, the waiting is the hardest part.

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I wonder what Snoopy thinks of waiting in a pumpkin patch for the “Great Pumpkin” to arrive.  He’s probably freezing right now.

~Icy Comet

Great Pumpkin Island is around the corner!

Your Friday fix

Before we head into the weekend, we wanted to make sure you saw this: the info page for Great Pumpkin Island is up, with some cool new screenshots you haven’t seen before!

Great Pumpkin Island is coming very soon. You’ll hear the release date first right here on the official Poptropica blog!

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Here is a picture of the page about Great Pumpkin Island that is now on Poptropica.

Great Pumpkin Island will be coming out soon for anyone with a membership!

~Icy Comet