Mall=New Clothes

Okay, terrible title.  But, who cares?

As you probably know by now, Night Watch Island came out for Members a few days ago.  And if you’ve played it, you might have noticed that there are some new costume pieces.  …Or, at least that’s what the Creators say…

Cat burglars everywhere!

Night Watch Island is available now for Poptropica Members, and one of the best things about it is how many new things are available for you to costumize. We’re talking tons of new costume pieces that anybody who plays Night Watch Island can get.

But there’s one costume that won’t be around forever: the Cat Burglar costume, available only in the Poptropica Store. It’s only for Poptropica Members, and it’s only around during Early Access for Night Watch Island!

If you don’t want to miss out on the Cat Burglar costume, or on being the first person you know to play Night Watch Island, then find out how to become a Member today!

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Hopefully, those of you who have played Night Watch Island have noticed all these amazing new clothes and are enjoying them.  And, for once, this is a new feature that both members and non-members can fully enjoy.  So, if you’re a member, what are you waiting for, go out there and get customizing!

…Just ignore that last sentence.  That was my failed attempt at ending a post successfully for once.

Before I completely end this post, there are a few things that I need to tell you about.  First, is that I’m going to add the Zomberry Island guide and Night Watch Island guide (both of which written by Samwow5) really soon.  It might be a few days, but I promise I’ll get around to it!  And, secondly, I’m working on a post that basically is about all of the important things that happened while I was gone.  I’m in the middle of that, so I should be done with it pretty soon.  Check back soon, and you’ll probably (more like hopefully) see them up!



First Ten Factory-Finishers!

As you probably already know, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came out for members on the 15th.  And, of course, that means another one of the Creators’ posts, congratulating those Poptropicans with super-human (or super-Poptropican) powers who somehow managed to beat the island before anybody else.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been available to Poptropica Members for a little over a day now, and already thousands of you have turned a golden ticket into a gold medallion. Once again, we’d like to extend special congratulations to the Poptropica players who finished just a little quicker than everyone else.

The first Poptropicans to complete Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are:

1. Dizzy Leopard
of the Flying Squid
2. Zippy Leopard
of the Flying Squid
3. Little Owl
of the Wildfire
4. Angry Claw
of the Nanobots
5. Smart Eagle
of the Pathfinders
6. Green Seal
of the Seraphim
7. Trusty Grape
of the Black Flags
8. Young Clown
of the Nanobots
9. Perfect Cactus
of the Pathfinders
10. Invisible Axe
of the Flying Squid

Congratulations to everyone who has enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so far! If you want Early Access to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, become a Member today!


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Congratulations to all you amazing Poptropicans!  I don’t know how you managed to do this, considering I haven’t even looked at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s icon on my map yet.

Well, that’s it for now.  Make sure you check back for more Poptropica news!  Also, I promise that I will try to have a Pop Picture Contest soon!  And I’ll also get around to changing the header…if I ever manage to decide if I want to go back to the normal header, or if I want to start the holidays early this year and go ahead and put up my Christmas header.  I don’t know, maybe I’ll change it to the normal header until the day after Thanksgiving, cause that’s when Christmas music starts…

Anyway, I’m off to see what on earth Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is like!  Hopefully I’ll make up my mind about the header while I’m at it…


Super Villain Island Is Out For Members!

Super Villain is out for members!  Are you ready to figure out what made the most infamous villains go bad?  Ready to enter Binary Bard, Black Widow, Dr. Hare, and Captain Crawfish’s dreams?  You better be.  Cause it’s time to defeat some baddies!

If you’re a member, it comes out for you on October 18th.  That’s not too bad, though I’m sure it’s going to be really hard to wait!

Good luck out there!


Say Goodbye to the Zaggy Moondust Costume…

…in one week, that is.

Lunar Colony comes out for non-members on September 6 (next Thursday).  With its arrival, the limited-time, Members-only Zaggy Moondust costume will leave the Poptropica Store.

So, if you want this costume, don’t forget to get it before Lunar Colony comes out for non-members!

…Although…there’s nothing really amazing about this costume…in fact, I don’t think it’s really even slightly good.  Sorry if anybody out there likes it.  That’s just my opinion.  Don’t get Membership for this costume, you guys.  Believe me, it’s not worth it.

Time to Fly!

Members, you’ve been to the moon once before in Astro-Knights Island.  Now it’s time to go back again. (Even though no one knows if it’s the same moon or not.)

Yesterday, Lunar Colony was released for Members!  Sorry I didn’t announce this sooner but I was busy beating it.


Lunar Colony is now available for Poptropica Members!

Lunar Colony is now available for Poptropica Members! Visit Poptropica now to play. Non-Members can play a limited demo.

Not a Member? Find out how to get Membership so you can play Lunar Colony today!

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I’ll start working on the guide for Lunar Colony real soon, I’ll try to have it out before it’s released to non-members, but you know, no guarantees.  I only pretend to like to doing guides, I actually hate it.  That’s why it always takes me so long.  So don’t expect much in the way of how fast I get it done.

Lunar Colony Gear

The Members-only Lunar Colony Gear has arrived to the Poptropica Store!  The Gear is made up of three different items; the Zaggy Moondust costume, the Moon Rock power, and the Alien Archaeology power.

Members, get your exclusive Lunar Colony gear!

Now in the Poptropica Store, Members can get their exclusive Lunar Colony gear! There are three out-of-this-world items available: a handheld moon rock, the Alien Archaeology power, and the epic “Zaggy Moondust” costume. The costume is available only for a limited time!

More information about Lunar Colony is coming soon. Keep it right here for the latest!

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Well, Creators, once again, you’ve managed to make a bunch of items that no one would buy membership for. Even I could think of a bunch of better items than those.



Almost Here and Almost Gone

Tomorrow is July 18th.  Do you know what that means?

No, it’s not my birthday.

No, it’s not your birthday.

Might as well tell you…

…Tomorrow is the day that Wimpy Boardwalk comes out for non-members!

But, with the arrival of Wimpy Boardwalk comes the departure of something else.

Life’s a beach

It’s a bittersweet occasion when an Island becomes available to everyone. Sweet, because — well, obviously because everyone can play! Bitter, because it means that some of the Members-only items for that Island are gone for good. That’s the case with the exclusive “Beachgoer” costume on Wimpy Boardwalk. Time is running out to get it!

Poptropica Members can get their Beachgoer costume for the next few days. Better act fast, because once it’s gone, it’s gone! (The Beach Umbrella and Heat Wave power will remain in the store.)

Wimpy Boardwalk will be available to everyone this Thursday, July 18. Watch this blog for the official announcement!

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Cry your hearts out, Creators.  I don’t think that anybody’s going to buy membership just for that costume.

What’s that you say?  That membership pays Poptropica’s bills?  And without it you would have to shut Poptropica down and go out of business?



Mystery Character and an Out-for-Members Island

There are two posts from the Creators blog which I’m late posting about.  Sorry I didn’t post them sooner.  At least I’m not afraid to say that I’m late posting them.  …Not sure how that would help, but whatever.

So the first post is about a mystery character who we may be seeing in an up-and-coming island.

He took it all too far

Who is Zaggy Moondust? And what’s he got to do with Poptropica? Perhaps one day we will find out.

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The second post is about guess what?  Yep, Wimpy Boardwalk.

Wimpy Boardwalk is now available to Poptropica Members!

Wimpy Boardwalk is now available for Poptropica Members to play! Visit Poptropica now to play Wimpy Boardwalk.

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Well, don’t feel too bad, non-members.  Cause Wimpy Boardwalk comes out to everyone in exactly two weeks!  Mark your calenders for July 18th!


The Games Have…Almost…Begun!

All you poor non-members have been forced to wait on the sidelines while the members have been showing how amazing they are with feats of honor and glory during the Poptropolis Games.  You’ve been waiting forever, and ever, and ever, but it seems like the day that you get to impress all of Poptropica never gets any closer.  But, the wait is almost over, because….

Poptropolis Games comes out to non-members…


The games begin in two days!

You’ve been waiting patiently, and the wait is almost over. Poptropolis Games will be available to all this Thursday. Get ready to choose your tribe and compete for glory!

Remember, only Poptropica Members can get the Poptropolis Games gear pack, not to mention the bonus quest that takes place once the main competition is over.

Member, non-Member — in the Poptropolis Games, we like to think everyone’s a winner!

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Yeah, the Creators were all sneaky and posted this yesterday when I wasn’t looking.  So, that’s why it says two days instead of one day.


For Those of You Who Don’t Know Already…

…Poptropolis Games is OUT!  It actually came out yesterday, but I was too busy beating it to let you know.  😉  You, know, I’ve got priorities and all that.

Poptropolis Games is now available!

Get ready to compete for the glory of your tribe. Visit Poptropica now to play Poptropolis Games!

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The release date for non-members is June 14.  That’s not too far away…well, when you’re waiting for an island time seems to slow down, so I guess that is a little far away.

Psst!  Go Seraphim!