Popular Poptropica: Google likes them

I saw a post about google liking Poptropica. They (facebook,twitter,myspace,etc.) would Follow, Like, Add and etc. Poptropica. It would probably hold the record of “Most Liked Internet Game”.

You like us! You really like us!

Google just released their most popular search terms for 2010, and we were number 5 in video game searches! Thanks to all the Poptropicans for making Poptropica such a fantastic site! We’re planning a LOT more for 2011. More islands, more games, more store items!

By the time it gets awesomer and awesomer, It will go from #5 to #1 in favorite games.

Comment and tell Jeff Kinney, the creator of DOAWK and Poptropica below!! I will send this to Jeff Kinney.

Thank you all for making Poptropica the AWESOMEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!