Lucy has arrived in Poptropica! To yell at her brother!

Shark Boy meets Lucy

So Icy Comet did a quick post about Lucy being in Poptropica. But here is the actual conversationn with Lucy:

You: You look worried.

Lucy: Linus is going to freeze out here, waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

You: You’re right. It could be dangerous out here at night.

Lucy: It’s not him I’m concerened about.

You: Oh no?

Lucy: I’ll be known as the sister of the blockhead who caught cold on Halloween night, waiting for a flying pumpkin!


A New and Improved Map

Since we’ve added so many new Islands to Poptropica recently, you may have noticed the map screen has gotten a little too full. Well, no more! We’ve made a brand-new map. And it has plenty of room for even more Islands.
In fact, if you go to the map now, you’ll be able to see the next Island we’re working on — along with a sneak preview that’s open to everybody! Check it out!

avatar image

Okay, so, here is a picture I took of the new map:

Sorry that it isn’t better!

The map works like this, you move your mouse around to move the blimp around, you fly your blimp to the island you want to go to, and then you click on the island to land in it.  The map is easy to use, and, in my opinion, it is fun!  Also, when you roll over the island, an icon will appear next to it, telling weather the island is hard, medium, or easy.

The sneak peak that Shark Boy was talking about is a sneak peak to a new island!  The island is going to be the Great Pumpkin Island from Charlie Brown!  I REALLY hope that that island gets released sometime soon!

~Icy Comet

The Travelouge of a Crawfish #3

Here is Captain Crawfish’s newest entry in his travelouge!

Steamworks Island opens to everyone this week! If you’re not excited, better make sure your heart’s still beating.
During my trip to the Island, I explored all the different ways to get around. Steamworks Island has so many fun little things tucked in that it’s hard to catch them all. But this one was impossible to miss.

A giant spring! Do I even need to tell you what this does?

It bounces you a little…

And then it bounces you a lot!

After a couple of hops, you can land on this platform, throw the switch, and get back to adventuring.
…or, you can just keep bouncing away!

I made my choice, and I stand by it.

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I know my heart is still beating!  Steamworks Island comes out to non-members in two days!  Now I can FINALLY see if this island is as cool as it seems! 😀

~Icy Comet

The Travelouge of a Crawfish #2

Here is Part 2 of Captain Crawfish’s Steamworks Island Travelouge.

All right, has everybody had something to eat? Checked your email? Gone to the bathroom? I want to make sure you’re all paying attention. It cost me a lot of money to have these pictures developed.
After having my fun with the nuts and bolts of Steamworks Island, next I happened upon some sort of massive, upward-blowing fan. Strange — why was this functioning was so much of the machinery on the Island was rusted and useless?

No matter. When you come across airflow like this, you’ve got to ride the slipstream.

The wind rocketed me into the air!

These things are all over the place on Steamworks Island. You can really catch some air. You can probably use them to complete the quest, too, but why rush?

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Captain Crawfish is really into giving away hints right now!  That’s one good thing about not being a member on Poptropica, you get to read all the hints before you start the island!  But, to anyone who wants to start the island without hints, that is a bad thing.  It seems like I can’t find anything good about not having a membership. Oh well! 😉

~Icy Comet

A Look At an SUV

Here is the Creators’ newest post, showing you a picture of the SUV from the picture with the overhead view.

Yesterday you saw an overhead shot of a vehicle from a new Poptropica Island. We’ve managed to get in a little closer to show you a more detailed picture.

Looks like fans of Poptropica have some off-roading in their future! But… what will you find off the beaten path?

avatar image

It looks like something fell out of one of the bags, onto the ground.  I wonder what Jeeps and mansions have to do with each other in the new island.

Riding in an SUV

The Creators are giving away an AWESOME sneak peak for a new island!

We’ve got a sneak peek at some more development work being done on the newest Poptropica Island.

It’s a top down view, and it looks like that SUV has its top down, too! What do you suppose is happening here?

avatar image

It looks like there are dinosaur tracks on the right-hand side of the picture.  Maybe, in the new island, these dinosaurs are attacking a city, and you have to save the town, before it is too late!  Probably not.

This is sad-The Creators are already giving sneak-peaks to new islands that they are working on, and I haven’t even started Steamworks Island!

~Icy Comet

A House Fit For Royalty

The Creators sure have been sketching a lot of houses recently.  Maybe they are sketching their dream houses! 😀

Before we move onto the next phase of the design, here’s one more approach to the big mansion that will serve as an integral part of a new Poptropica Island.
Those columns certainly are regal. You’d have to be a pretty big hotshot to have columns like that around your front door.
But which of these designs will ultimately make it into the new Island?

avatar image

I hope that the blue house goes onto the new island.  I wonder what this island is going to be about.  My mind is totally blank right now.  I mean, what storyline can you build around a house?!?!  Of course, my imagination is not that great.

~Icy Comet

Another Sketch

The Creators have made another sketch of a house like the one they did recently.

How many different ways can you imagine a big, fancy house in the country? If you were a Poptropica Creator, you’d have to imagine several. Yesterday we showed you one such sketch. Here’s another.

This isn’t even all of them! We’ll show you a couple more of these early designs as the week goes on.

avatar image

Personally, I think the other house looks better.  I can’t wait to see what other designs the Creators have in mind for the house?

~Icy Comet

A New Sketch!

It looks like the Creators are working on another island!

Steamworks Island has been a smashing success! We’re all very proud of it. Poptropica Members are already exploring the mysteries of the Island, and the Island will be available to all before you know it.
So, what do the Poptropica Creators do after a new Island launches? Surely we’ve earned a little R+R, right?
Not on your life. We’re already hard at work on the next Poptropica adventures. Here’s an early sketch of something we’ve got cooking.

That’s a nice-looking house! What kind of a person do you suppose lives there?

avatar image

I wonder what kind of island they are going to make this time.

~Icy Comet

Switches Save The Day

Okay, I know, bad title.  I couldn’t think of anything.  Here is the Creators’ newest post, giving hints out to anyone who needs help with Steamworks Island.

Here’s a simple tip to help you make your way through Steamworks Island. If you’re getting stuck, take a look around for one of the long, blue-handled switches.

They’re everywhere, and most of them will help you get to somewhere that looked out of reach.

So if you’re stuck, just look for a switch!

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I just don’t understand why the Creators are giving out hints now.  I mean, what about those players who had to think really hard (without hints) to complete Steamworks Island earlier.  Oh well, I don’t think I will ever understand the Creators.

~Icy Comet