The Travelouge of a Crawfish #5 and Steamworks Opened to the Public

Here’s Captain Crawfish’s 5th entry in his travelouge.

I spent so much time fooling around on Steamworks Island that I completely forgot about trying to finish the quest! And now here we are, on the eve of the Island opening to everybody, that I can’t even brag anymore about being a Member and having Early Access. C’est la vie.
Anywho, I was intrigued in my travels to come across this strange sort of lever on Steamworks Island.

One side was clearly much longer than the other.

Standing on that side did nothing.

Odd. But standing on the other side…

It began to drop!

Once I reached the bottom, the whole thing locked into place.

Right then, I really, truly was ready to stop messing around and get started on my Steamworks Island adventure. But look at that! Early Access is already almost over, and soon the floodgates will open.
We hope everybody enjoys Steamworks Island when it opens to the public tomorrow!

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Okay, so I posted this a day late, so TODAY Steamworks Island comes out.  Here is the post that Shark Boy did to announce it.

Steamworks Island is now open to everybody!
Can you solve the mystery of this deserted Island? There’s only one way to find out!

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Okay, so I probably won’t be very active for the rest of the day, because I will be playing Steamworks Island like crazy! 😀

~Icy Comet


The Travelouge of a Crawfish #4

Here is Captain Crawfish’s newest edition to his travelouge.

Steamworks Island is a creepy place, but that’s no reason you can’t have fun there. I found one rotating platform that reminded me of a Ferris Wheel.

Round and round we go…

Where we stop…

Nobody knows!

Actually, you don’t stop. This thing will keep going as long as you want to ride it. Don’t worry about finding anybody. Just ride those G-forces!

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If that is supposed to be like a Ferris Wheel, it certainly is small! 😉

Good news!  Steamworks Island comes out tomorrow for non-members!  I can’t wait to see what the island looks like!

Also, we have now had almost 300 hits!  I’m so happy that my blog has started so great!  Thanks to everyone who has come to my blog, and a BIG thank you to anyone who has come here more than once!  You have really made starting Icy Comet’s blog a great place!

Thanks again! 😀

~Icy Comet