Time Tangled Island Video Guides Parts 1 and 2

Hi peeps!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added two guides to the Video Guides page.  These two videos are the first two videos for Time Tangled Island.  I still need to make a few more videos (at least) to complete Time Tangled Island, but these are good for starters.

So, click HERE to see the videos.  You can also go to the Video Guides page to see even more cool video/slideshow guides!

More videos comin’ soon!


From Pictures to Videos

There is a section in Daily Pop called “Celebrity Clips”.  It is where there is stuff about some celebrities.  Well, the Creators have added something that they seem to think is amazing to Celebrity Clips.  Here’s a post from Captain Crawfish telling what the big change is.

Celebrity Clips – now with video!

Have you visited the Daily Pop lately? If not, you’re missing something cool: we’ve added video to Celebrity Clips!

Head to Poptropica now and visit the Daily Pop to pick up some drawing tips from “Big Nate” creator Lincoln Peirce.

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It’s Getting Closer…

Steamworks Island is getting closer and closer to being released!  Here is a video that I found on Poptropica.