Who Does That Silhouette Belong To?

Can you tell who’s silhouette is in the picture?  It shouldn’t be hard!

Who’s guest-starring in the next Poptropica Island?

We’ll have the official announcement later in the week. There’s definitely something… familiar… about that silhouette.

avatar image

In case you can’t tell, that silhouette belongs to Greg Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

~Icy Comet


Become a Robot

You can mix and match robot costumes to make a completely unique robot!  Or, you can just use the ones Vlad the Viking made up…

Master Mime has told you about the Steam Robot on the loose in Poptropica. Don’t forget about the other robot Costumes you can get in the Poptropica store.
The Retro Robot sports sleek wings and big yellow eyes.
The Renegade Robot makes his own rules.
Don’t forget, with the power of the Costumizer, you can mix and match costumes from the Poptropica Store!
I call this the “Retrograde Robot.”
“Steamgrade Robot.”
You don’t even have to combine similar costume parts for a cool new outfit. Here’s a Mech Pilot head on a Renegade Robot body.
This is the, er… “Renemech Pilograde Robot?” We’ll work on that one.
You can use multiple powers at once, too!
What crazy costume combinations can you come up with?

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Instead of calling the 5th costume the Renemech Pilograde Robot, Vlad should have called it the My Hat Has a Totally Different Color Combination Than The Rest Of My Outfit Robot.  If that was to hard for him to remember, Vlad should have called it the MHHATDCCTTROMO Robot. 😀  But, yet again, that probably would be too hard to remember.

~Icy Comet