Early Poptropica Island

The first settlers of Early Poptropica Island are missing some of their items!  It is up to you to find them!

First, start out on Main Street in Early Poptropica Island.  Go all the way to the right, until you get to a sign that says, “Welcome to Early Poptropica”.  Walk past the first two people that you see, and talk to the third guy. He will tell you that his pig was stolen by a spider.  Then, talk to the fourth man that you see.  He will tell you that someone stole the bucket from the well.  Climb up the rope that is right next to the fourth man, and talk to the man standing on the platform.  He will tell you that someone took the flag that is normally flown where he is.

Jump off the platform, and go down the well.  Get off the rope that you are on, and you will be standing on a platform with a wooden box right next to you.  Push the box off the  platform, and on to a green platform that moves with your weight.

Push the box off the green platform, and onto the platform below it.  Push the box to the right end of the platform to weigh the platform down, so you can jump up onto the platform that is above and to the left of it.

Jump off of that platform and onto the one with a rope above it.  Climb up the rope, and you will see a glow stick.  Get the glow stick, and then get out of the well.

Go back to Main Street, and go all the way left, past a sign that says Poptropica Towers, and keep going until you see a tall, brown-orange tower in front of you.  Jump onto the windowsills until you reach the top of the tower.

From the top of the tower jump onto the top of a green tower, from the green tower you will jump onto a brown tower, and from the brown tower you will jump over a statue (you may have to land on the statue’s head and jump off from there), and onto a red tower.  Jump onto the clothesline until you get high enough to get onto the top of the purple tower.  When you get on the purple tower go up the vine.

When you get off of the vine, you will be on top of a cloud.  Walk to the right until you reach a giant’s two purple feet, and a club that is blocking your path.  Click on the giant’s feet and he will tell you, “I lost my egg in a place with no light.  Bring it to me, and you can pass to the right.”

Go back to the vine, and slide down it.  Jump off of the tower, and go back to Main Street.  To the left of the Pop Art Museum, on the sidewalk, is an open manhole.

Go down the manhole, and you will land on a broken platform.  Get off of the platform, and jump down to the ground and get the pig (this might take a few tries because of the tiny purple spiders that are on the bottom of platforms, and because of the giant green spider that will charge at you when you try to take the pig).

Go to the left, through a tunnel, until you reach a place where your glow stick is in your hand, and it is your only source of light.  After you walk a few paces to the left, writing on the wall will say, “Darkness Awaits”.

Here is how to get the egg, go left until you reach a rope, go up the rope, go to the right, pass by the next rope that you see, writing on the wall will say, “Who’s Afraid of the Dark?”, keep going right until you see another rope, go up the rope, go to the left until you reach the next rope, go up the rope, writing on the wall to the right of the rope will say, “Getting Warmer”, get off of the rope on the side opposite the writing, go left until you see a golden egg, get the egg, go left onto the rope, this time get off of the rope on the same side as the writing, go right until you reach another rope, go up the rope, go to the left, go up the next rope that you see, get off on the left side of the rope, go left, onto the next rope that you see, get off the rope on the left side, go left, go up the next rope that you see, go right, and go up the next rope that you see to get out of the dark room.

Now, go back to the purple giant, and give him the golden egg.  The giant will say, “Because you have brought me that which I need, I lift my club, and you may proceed.”

Go right, past the giant’s club, and you will be next to a big hoe.  Climb up the hoe, and jump onto the vine.  The across the vine, and land on a pumpkin that is next to a watermelon.  Walk across the pumpkin and watermelon, and you will find the bucket that you need.  Keep going right, and you will reach a place where there are wrecked UFOs, and planes.

Jump up onto the first plane that you see.  Jump right above the propellers, and they will lift you up into the air, so that you can get over the nose of the plane and over a rocket ship.  Next to the rocket ship is a yellow platform with a jet pack on top of it.

Get the jet pack.  To use the jet pack, just point the arrow up and click, just like you are jumping.  That should make you lift off of the ground.  Now you need to go back to the place where the giant hoe was.

When you get there use the jet pack to fly above the pumpkin and the watermelon.  After you do that, use the jet pack to fly under the vine and above a shovel that is stuck in a cloud.  Once you fly over the shovel you will see a sign that says Exit.  When you go down the exit, you will end up on top of the water tower on Main Street.

On the top of the tower there should be a flag.  That flag is the last item you need to complete Early Poptropica Island.  Get the flag, and go to Early Poptropica.

When you get to Early Poptropica talk to the man who had his pig stolen to return the pig to him.  Do the same for the man who is missing the bucket and the man who is missing the flag.

After the flag is raised, a ship should be at the end of the pier that is next to the tower.  Talk to the man on the boat and he will give you a gold medallion, and 100 free Poptropica credits.

Congratulations! You have just completed Early Poptropica Island!

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