Vampire’s Curse Island

A girl named Katya has been kidnapped by Count Bram, a vampire. The people of the town are in panic, and it’s up to you to save her. Can you survive breaking into the vampire’s castle? Do you have what it takes to save Katya?

First, go to Vampire’s Curse Island if you are not already there. You will arrive on Main Street.

You will see a lady to your right who is crying. Click on the lady to talk to her. She will tell you that Katya and her boyfriend are missing. You will tell the lady that you will see if you can rescue her daughter.

Go all the way to the right, past the sign that says “Bram’s Castle”. You will find yourself in a rocky place that has a few trees. You will see a boy sitting on a rock. It’s Katya’s boyfriend. Click on the boy to talk to him. He will tell you that Count Bram took Katya away, but that he’s not going to try to rescue her. He will walk away.

Jump to the top of the rock that Katya’s boyfriend was sitting on by jumping from on the parts of the rock that sticks out and the tree limb. Once you reach the top, your Poptropican will freeze with fear. You will see a wolf come out of a cave to the left. Jump down to the other side of the rock. You will see a tree with a hole in it. Click on the hole. When the wolf comes by, click on the tree’s branch to make it smack into the wolf.

Once the wolf is out of sight, jump back on the the rock. Jump down onto the other side of the rock, and go to the right, past a tree, over some spikes, up some stairs, onto an old part of a bridge, climb up a rope that’s connected to a bridge, drop down to the left of the rope, and onto another part of an old bridge. That’s when the wolf will attack you again. He will knock into you, forcing you onto a tree branch. Both you and the wolf will fall down. You will get a log. The Log will be added to your items.

Repeat the process of going over the spikes, up the stairs, and so on. This time, when you get to the second part of the old bridge, jump up onto the vine that is hanging down over the bridge. Jump from one vine to the other until there are no more vines to jump onto. Drop down to the left, and you will land on a ledge of rock.

There is a vine hanging over the left part of the ledge. Climb up the vine and drop on the ledge of rock that was above the one that you were previously on. Go to the right. The wolf will probably attack you around here. The wolf will then run back to the bridge.

Continue going to the right, jump over the small gap between the two ledges, and keep going right until you are in front of the bridge. Make sure that you don’t actually go onto the bridge just in front of it. There will be a rope that connects to a wooden pole in the ground that attaches the bridge to the ground. If you look closely, the rope will already be broken part of the way. Click on the rope to break it completely. The bridge will swing down, and the wolf will fall down with it.

Make a flying leap in the direction of the broken bridge. Hopefully, you will land on the bridge. If not, it shouldn’t be too hard to get to it. Climb up the bridge and go to the right.

You will find yourself in a sort of graveyard place. Go to the right until you see a building that looks like a tool shed. Go inside the shed.

There will be a coffin with the statue of a girl on it. There is a book laying on top of the coffin, to the right of the statue. Jump up to get the book. The Teen Vampire Novel will go to your items. There will also be a crowbar that is leaning on the left side of the coffin. Go over to it to get it. The Crowbar will be added to your items.

Exit the shed. Go to the right until you see a second shed. Click on the shed’s gutter to pick up part of it. There is an old-fashioned water pump next to the shed. Put the gutter down so that part of it is in front of the water pump and part of it is to the left of the pump. You can put the gutter down by clicking on it. Jump onto the pump’s handle. Water will pour out of a gargoyle’s mouth, into the gutter and out into a pit to your right that has spikes on the bottom of the pit. The water will stop when the pit is about halfway full of water. Jump on the pump’s handle again to finish filling up the pit.

Jump into the pit and swim to the other side. There will be some stone steps leading up to an arch in the wall. Go through the arch.

There will be a boulder to your left. Walk over to it and start rolling it to the right. Keep rolling it until it falls into a small place that is indented. That will block the water coming out of it.

Go back to the left and you will see a boulder that is trapped inside a big rock. Walk over to the rock. Go to your items, find the Crowbar, and use it to pry the boulder loose from the rock. Roll the boulder over to the right. It will fall into an indention to the right of the first one.

Keep going right until you see a big rock with a bunch of little rocks that are sticking out. Use the rocks that are sticking out as a sort of ladder. Keep jumping from one rock to the other until you see another boulder. Push the boulder off of the rock and jump down after it. The boulder will roll into the fourth indention.

The only indention that doesn’t have a boulder covering it is the third one. All of the water that was from the other three is now coming out of the third one, making a huge thing of water that goes straight up into the air.

Jump onto the thing of water. It will make you fly up into the air. Land on a windowsill. There will be a window that is broken to your left. Enter the castle through the window. You will find yourself in the Great Hall of the castle. It is so dark, you can barely see. Jump off of the bookcase that you are on top of and go to the right.

You will see a fireplace. There’s nothing in the fireplace except for a bunch of glowing coals, though. Go to your items, find the Log, and use it. You will put the Log in the fireplace. Go back to your items, find the Teen Vampire Novel, and use it. Your will rip a page or two out of the book and put it under the log. Jump up onto the bellows that’s next to the fire. Jump on it three times.

Go to the right until you see a ladder. Push the ladder to the left until it is in front of a suit of armor that is to the left of the first bookcase. Go back to the fireplace.

There’s a table to the right of the fireplace that has a bunch of candles on it. Click on the candles to get one. Light one using the fireplace. Run to the left, up the ladder, onto a ledge, onto another smaller ledge, and onto a chandelier that has a bunch of candles on it. The candles will light automatically when you get up there.

There are three more chandeliers to the right of the first one that you can get to by jumping from one chandelier to the other. Repeat that process with those chandeliers. You don’t have to light the candle using the fireplace, though. You can use a chandelier that you have already lit.

Once all four chandeliers are lit, go to the first bookcase. There is a something small and yellow that is next to the suit of armor that you put the ladder in front of. Click on it. It is a small, yellow eye. The Glass Eye will go to your items.

Climb up the ladder and jump onto the top of the bookcase. If you look at the stuffed tiger’s head, you will see that one of its eyes is missing. Go to your items, find the Glass Eye, and use it. You will put the Glass Eye in the tiger’s eye socket, and the tiger’s mouth will open. There is a key inside the tiger’s mouth. Click on it. The Armory Key will go to your items.

Jump down off of the bookcase, and go to the left, until you see a locked door. Go to your items, find the Armory Key, and use it. You will unlock the door and enter the Armory.

You will see two weapons hanging on the wall to your left. A mace and a crossbow. Click on the crossbow. The Crossbow will go to your items. Go to your left until you see a cannon. There are three cannonballs below the cannon. Click on one of the cannonballs. You will put it inside the cannon.

Exit the Armory and go back to the Great Hall.

Go to the fireplace, get a candle, light it, and run back to the Armory. Light the cannon using the candle. The cannon will fire, and then it will flip, facing the right now instead of the left. Repeat that process two times.

When you fire the cannon when it is facing to the right, the cannon will roll back into the Great Hall. Don’t worry you’ll use that cannon later. When you fire the cannon when it is facing upwards, will break part of the roof, revealing a new area. Jump up into the new area.

There will be a wooden bucket to your right. Click on it. The Bucket will be added to your items.

Exit the Armory and go back to the Great Hall.

Go all the way to the right. You will see a red door that’s made up of two doors, so I guess it’s called a double-door. There are two chains stretching across the double-door, blocking the way out. Go to your items, find the Crowbar, and use it. You will use the crowbar to break the chains. The doors will open slightly, making a way out of the Great Hall. Exit through the doors.

Use the bucket. You’ll fill the bucket up with water. Go back to the Armory.

Jump up onto the top of the cannon and go into the area that you blasted open with the cannon. Use your Crossbow to make a “staircase” of arrows that you can jump up on to reach another little part of the area.

You’ll see a little plant that has fallen out of its pot. There are some boards blocking a window above the plant. Use your Crowbar to pry off the boards. Use your Bucket to water the plant. The plant will turn into a huge vine. The vine will go out the window. Go out the window.

Go up the stairs to your left, and then jump up the vine to reach a window. Go in the window.

Go to the right. You’ll see a bunch of papers on a desk. Click on the papers. You’ll get Count Bram’s Notebook. Examine it.

It will say that Count Bram needs three ingredients: garlic extract, wilted wolfsbane, and mandrake root. He needs those ingredients to rid him of the vampire’s curse so that his immortality will go away so that he can be with his wife, who’s dead. (So complicated.)

There’s a shelf thing on the column that a door is on. There’s a jar of garlic on the top shelf. Get the jar. Go out through the door.

Go right and go through a door.

Jump up on furniture and stuff to get to a cage that is hanging from the ceiling. There’s a girl in the cage (Katya). Talk to Katya. She’ll tell you that you need to get rid of Count Bram’s curse, and that there’s a book in the library called “Root Causes” that might help you. Katya will also tell you that Count Bram has captured her because she reminds him of someone.

Exit the room and go back to the Great Hall.

Make sure that the ladder is in front of the bookcase on the right of the fireplace. You’ll see the book that you need on the top shelf. Climb up the ladder and jump off of it to get the book. Examine the book. It will tell you that mandrake root usually grows in high, shadowy places. Exit the Great Hall.

Go to the left and out through the arch. Go to the right. Make a ladder of arrows on the wall. Climb up the ladder. There’s a little platform to the left of the top of the wall. Jump onto the platform. You’ll get the Mandrake Root.

Go back to the Great Hall.

Find the cannonball that rolled into the Great Hall. Push it over to the fireplace. The cannonball will heat up. Get the fire poker from the fireplace. Use it to push the cannonball a little bit past the column that to the left of the bookcase to the left of the fireplace. Pull the red lever. A little tray sort of thing will come down, and the cannonball will roll into it.

Exit the Great Hall and go back to the room where you found Count Bram’s notebook.

Go to the right until you see a red lever like the one you found in the Great Hall. Click on it. The cannonball will come up and roll under a thing of wolfsbane. The cannonball will heat it up. Click on the wolfsbane.

Go over to the desk and click on the microscope.

Use this amount of each ingredient:

  1. Garlic Extract- 3

  2. Wilted Wolfsbane- 3

  3. Mandrake Root- 1

Click on the cells. The Anti-vampirism Serum will go to your items.

Go back to the room where you found Katya.

Go all the way to the right. You’ll see a door with bars over it. There’s a shiny cane sort of thing in the umbrella stand next to the door. Click on the cane. Use the cane to get a key out from the doorway. The Cage Key will go to your items.

Jump up onto Katya’s cage and use the Cage Key. Katya will be released from the cage. She will thank you. You’ll suddenly see the shadow of a bat flying across the room. You and Katya will get scared.

Suddenly the Count will appear in the doorway. You and Katya will jump up, break a window, and go through the window.

Follow Katya. After a little bit, the Count will jump through the window that you and Katya went through.

Katya will tell you to keep up with her and to use the Garlic to keep the Count away.

Go to your items, find the Garlic, and use it. After that, follow Katya.

You’ll climb up a ladder. The ladder will fall after you get off of it, leaving the Count without anyway of getting up. Or so you think.

The Count will turn into a bat and fly up to where you are. Katya will tell you to use the serum.

Aim at the Count and shoot the serum at him. He will fall, taking you with him.

You will find yourself in the Great Hall with the Count and Katya.

The Count will turn from a vampire into an old man. He will ask Katya to forgive him, and he will thank you. He will then disappear.

Suddenly, Katya’s boyfriend will run into the room. He’ll end up being the big hero to Katya. Some thanks.

You’ll get the island medallion and some credits to spend at the Poptropica Store.

Congratulations! You have now completed Vampire’s Curse Island!

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