Goin’ Longer and Farther

Most of you, even if you haven’t already played S.O.S. Island, have already heard of the deep sea diving suit.  But there is something that you might not yet know about it…

Deep dive

If you’ve played through S.O.S. Island yet and finished the bonus quest, you’ve already beheld the wonders of this deep sea diving suit.

But did you know that if you replay S.O.S. Island while wearing the suit, you can stay underwater for much more time? Just open your Island map and hit the “Restart Island” button. Easy peasy!

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Pop Picture Contest #1

Edit: littlepenguin09 guessed correctly!  The picture was from Skullduggery Island.  Congratulations, littlepenguin09! 🙂  Click HERE to see where littlepenguin09 is mentioned on the Pop Picture Contest page.  There’s also a link to her blog there, you might want to check it out!

Hey there!

I’ve decided that it is time for the first Pop Picture Contest!

If you don’t already know what the Pop Picture Contest is, here’s the basic idea: every now and then, I’ll do a post like this one with a picture like the one below.  You have to try and guess which island the object is from.  The first person to guess correctly gets their name put on a part of the Pop Picture Contest page.  Also, if they have a blog, then a link to their blog will be put there.

Anyway, here is the picture for this contest:

Know where this is from?

If you think you know what island this is from, just leave a comment!

Good luck!


Didja miss me?

I missed you guys! That’s why the ever-awesome Super Thunder has decided to come back! *cue applause*


Aww, now, well that won’t work, will it? I SAID GIMME APPLAUSE!

*frightened audience applauses*

Good! Now, well for those of you who don’t know who this stranger that’s writing is, lemme tell you who I am. I’m Super Thunder. Never heard of me before? Shame on you.

Maybe a lil’ pic will refresh your memory.

Yes, that’s me. Anyway, for those of you that care, I’m Isabelle, and I’m thirteen years old. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m bored right now.

Hey, Icy Comet, d’you know that audition I was freaking out about today? It went hideous. When they asked me to say the memorized monologue, I said “I wanna be an actress… ‘Cause I act good.”

And that’s that.

~Katniss (Super Thunder)

First Ten Finishers of S.O.S. Island!

Congratulations to all of the members who have finished S.O.S. Island!  A big round of applause to these ten members, who somehow managed to do a little magic and finished S.O.S. Island before anyone else.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of S.O.S. Island!

The search and rescue is on, and already plenty of Poptropica Members have saved the day on S.O.S. Island. These 10 players did it even faster than anyone else.

1. Sneaky Foot
2. Silver Runner
3. Smart Berry
4. Nervous Thunder
5. Slippery Beetle
6. Slippery Spider
7. Small Sponge
8. Zippy Leopard
9. Wild Cheetah
10. Sticky Peanut

Can you help the crew of the Pequod? Visit Poptropica now to get started on S.O.S. Island!


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How they managed such a spectacular piece of magic, I will never know.  I wish they could make membership suddenly just appear on my Poptropica account, though.

Members, Prepare Yourself!

Members, prepare yourself for one of the most exciting-sounding Poptropica islands ever!  Cause it comes out…today!

That’s right, the countdown for S.O.S. Island is over, and the island is now out for all Members.

Good luck, Members!  Let’s hope that this doesn’t prove to be to much of a challenge for you!

Click HERE to go to Poptropica and start your adventure!

Pop Picture Contest

Hey there, fellow Poptropicans!

I have decided to add a sort of on-going contest to this blog.  The contest is going to be called “Pop Picture Contest”.  Not the best name in the world, but it will work.

Here’s the idea of the contest: every few weeks I will show a picture of a sign, part of a building, etc. of something that comes from Poptropica.  What you have to do is figure out what island the object comes from.  The first person to guess correctly will have their name put on a page that features the winners of the contest.  Also, if they have a blog about Poptropica, they can have a link to their blog put on the page as well.

Here’s the link to the Pop Picture Contest page: https://icycomet.wordpress.com/pop-picture-contest/ .  You can go there to find out a few details that I left out of this post.

I don’t know when I will begin this contest, so keep checking back!


Is where we are going to be in 2 days tomorrow!


As the excitement builds for SOS, I’ve been all over the place; on STB, on the PHB (yes, I said the Poptropica Help Blog), and also some other stuff.

BT out! (Sorry for not posting!6

Astro-Knights Island Guide

Hi peoples!

I just wanted to let you know that I have (finally) finished the guide for Astro-Knights Island and I put on the Astro-Knights Guide page.  If you want to see it just click HERE!

S.O.S. Sailing Closer and Closer

The countdown for S.O.S. Island has begun!

S.O.S. Island will be released to members next Thursday (the 26th).

Also, for the first time ever, there will be a sort of follow-up of S.O.S. Island (members only, of course).

More S.O.S. Island details leak out…

The release of S.O.S. Island draws ever closer. If you haven’t been keeping up with developments on our S.O.S. Island info page, then you may not have heard that this Island will include a special bonus quest for Members!

Everyone will still get the same great action and storytelling you expect from Poptropica — and S.O.S. Island has some amazing twists you’ve never seen before. But Members will get to go beyond the story, to find out what happens after the first tale is finished.

We’ll have more news about S.O.S. Island very soon!

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And of course non-members will have to go through the rest of their lives wondering what happens after you complete the island…


Author(s) Wanted

I have decided that I want to hire some more authors.  I may hire only one author, or I may decide to hire more than one.  Anyway, here’s what you need to do if you want to become an author:

  • Comment either on this post or on the Become an Author page.
  • Tell me why you think you should be an author on this blog.
  • If you have a blog or blogs of your own, then give me the URL or URLs in your comment.
  • If you work on someone else’s blog, then give me the URL in your comment.
  • If I want you as an author on my blog, then I will email you letting you know.
  • If I don’t want you as an author on my blog, then I probably won’t email you.
  • Make sure that you go to the Become an Author page and read all of the rules that I list there.

Good luck to anyone who wants to become an author! 🙂