Out-of-This-World Walkthrough, Villainous Island for Everyone, 500,000,000 Poptropicans, and a Sweet Info Page

As you can tell by the title, we have a lot to talk about!

First off, you may be familiar with the app for Poptropica, it’s called the Poptropica: Official Tips and Tricks app.  It’s basically an app with guides on it.  (Although, why would you use that when you have sites like this with tons of guides on them just a click away?)

A new guide has been added to it, hence the “Out-of-This-World Walkthrough” part of this post’s title.  Any guesses as to what island this guide is for? 😉

Lunar Colony walkthrough now available!

If you’re still stuck on our latest free Island, Lunar Colony, you’re in luck: You can now download the Lunar Colony guide in our official walkthrough app for FREE! The Lunar Colony guide is available now for Apple iOS devices, and will be available soon for Android devices.

If you have an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, download the updated Poptropica Tips & Tricks app from the App Store.

If you have an Android-powered phone or tablet, download the updated Poptropica & Tricks app from the Android Market.

Then, open it up and select your free Lunar Colony guide to download the guide — and then get to work!

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I’m a little worried about the part in Captain Crawfish’s post where he says “our latest free Island”.  It’s the “free” part that gets to me.  The Creators aren’t going to make us start paying for islands, are they?!?!

Second on our little list of things I’m going to tell you about, is the release of a certain little island.  Super Villain Island was released to everyone yesterday (October 18th).  Here’s the trailer just for the sake of taking up some more room in this post.

Now, I knew that Poptropica is a really big online game.  But it turns out that it’s a lot bigger than I thought…  Check this out!

500,000,000 Poptropicans and counting!

It’s been a year of milestones for Poptropica. 5 years, 30 Islands, and now this: 500,000,000 characters created.

If Poptropica were a country, it would be the third biggest in the world. Thank you to everyone who is a part of Poptropica!

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Wow.  500,000,000 Poptropicans created!  That’s pretty big!

What better way to celebrate that amazing thing than with something a little sweet?  And I don’t think you’re going to find anything sweeter than this up-and-coming-island whose info page was recently released.

So, like I’ve mentioned about a thousand times before, I’ve never read the book or seen the movies, so I have no idea what the storyline of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actually is.  But, if it’s anything like the description on the info page, then it sounds pretty cool.

Here’s what the picture says: After years of silence, Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory is re-opening, and you’ve got a Golden Ticket.  But when a group of misbehaving kids threaten to destroy Wonka’s candy creations, he needs you to save the day.  Prepare to untangle a confectionary conundrum that’s full of sweet treats and sticky situations!

There are some also pictures on the info page.  You can recognize parts of the pictures from the Daily Pop Sneak Peeks.  Check them out!

There’s a downloadable wallpaper and poster available on the info page.  Here’s what the desktop wallpaper looks like:

And here’s what the printable poster looks like:

Both of those look pretty cool!

There’s are also links to buy the book and the movie on the info page.  As of right now, there isn’t a section about a Members-only bonus quest, so I don’t know if this is going to be the first island in a long time without one or if it’s just not up yet.  I’ll keep checking back and I’ll let you know, though.

If you want to see the info page for yourself, just click HERE to check it out!

That about wraps up this really long post of mine!  Hope you enjoyed it.



Super Villain Island


I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just added the guide to Super Villain Island!  The guide was written by Samwow5, so thanks so much to him for letting me use his guide!  Click HERE to see the guide!

The guide doesn’t have a part for the bonus quest yet, but that will be added really soon!

Make sure you also check out the Guides page and the Video Guides page!  They both have a lot of awesome guides to help you when you can’t figure out what to do and you’re so frustrated that you want to throw your computer out of the window.

Again, thanks so much to Samwow5 for letting me use his guide!


Edit: The guide now has a section for the Bonus Quest!  Make sure you check it out!

Super Villain Members Only Bonus Items

I know, I know, terrible title.

The Members only Bonus Items for Super Villain Island have come to the Poptropica Store!

The three items are the Night Hare costume, the Evil Henchmen power, and the Sleeping Powder power.

The Night Hare costume looks pretty much like Dr. Hare’s costume, except yours is a light blue color instead of pink.

So, when I looked at the Evil Henchmen power, I thought that those were follower things.  Which I would have liked, cause I personally thought that that little robot mouse was pretty cute.  But, unfortunately, the Creators must have thought that having a cute little mouse like that follow you wasn’t a good idea.

When you activate this item, it makes a bunch of rabbits, spiders, mice, or shrimp (it’s random) fall from the sky and then walk/crawl away.

And, finally, the Sleeping Powder power makes all the Poptropicans around you fall asleep.

…Or, in this guy’s case, it makes you hold your head funny and walk around with your eyes open like nothing was wrong…

Remember, if you want the Night Hare costume, make sure that you get it before Super Villain Island comes out to non-members.  Although, I don’t know why I’m warning you about this right now, considering Super Villain Island hasn’t even come out for members yet.


Evil Rabbits, Blue Planets, and Super Villains

You could only have a combination like that in Poptropica.  😉

There are three new posts on the Creators’ Blog.  Two of which I’m a little late posting.  Sorry!

The first of those posts is about a certain Poptropican-in a bunny suit-who also happens to be a villain-guy.

A hare-y situation

Four of Poptropica’s most dangerous villains will be returning in Super Villain Island, but you can play the Islands that made them famous right this second!

Want to find out how a mad scientist in a pink bunny suit held Poptropica in the fuzzy clutches of fear? All you need to do is visit Poptropica and play 24 Carrot Island.

This was one of our earliest Islands, and still one of the best. And, like most everything on Poptropica, it’s free to play!

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The second post from the Creators’ Blog is about this beautiful, blue, ball of a planet that we call home.

First impressions of earth

On the newest Poptropica Island, Lunar Colony, you can see this image of Poptropica when you’re on the surface of the moon.

Pretty cool, huh? Did you know it’s a reference to a real photograph that was taken of earth?

This photograph, “Earthrise,” was taken by the crew of the Apollo 8 mission. They were making the first-ever orbit of the moon, and when they came back around from the dark side, that was what they saw.

That’s not the only famous picture of earth. Take a look at this one.

This is called the “Blue Marble,” and it was taken by the crew of the Apollo 17, on their way to what has turned out to be the final moon landing. You can see how it got the name.

Want to go even further out into space? How about an image that was taken by the unmanned Voyager space probe as it was passing the planet Saturn?

This picture is called “Pale Blue Dot.” Can you see our planet? It’s the tiny speck in the rightmost beam of light, a little bit less than halfway up the image. That’s what the earth looks like from a distance of 6 billion miles away!

To explore more mysteries of the cosmos, visit Poptropica and play Lunar Colony today!

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And, finally, the last post is about a certain island that everyone is waiting for.

Chillin’ like a super villain

You wanted more information about Super Villain Island? You got it! Our Super Villain Island info page is now available. It’s your first look at some of the secrets that await you on the next Poptropica Island.

Also, on that page you can download a free desktop wallpaper and printable poster. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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I haven’t seen the info-page yet, so I’m really excited.  Hang on while I check it out.

*goes to info-page*

Oh. My. God.  I don’t know if I’m going to be able to survive this island, peeps.

Let’s start with the pictures, cause that’s what’s at the top of the info-page.

So, the pictures look pretty cool.  I’m guessing that the… WOAH!  Wait just one minute!  Why is BETTY JETTY in the first picture?  Is SHE going to be in this island?!?!?!  Okay, that brings the villain count up to (possibly) five.  This is getting worse and worse…  I don’t think I’m going to survive this island.  Wait, I said that in this post already.  Oh well, it’s true.

Okay, so now we’ve done the pictures.  Let’s move on to the next thing…the description.  Prepare yourselves, cause that’s mainly why I think I should start panicking about this island.

Here’s what the picture says: Deep inside a top-secret prison, four of Poptropica’s most infamous villains float in suspended animation.  Your mission: to infiltrate their minds and extract the sources of their evil.  Can you withstand a journey to the heart of darkness, or will their twisted dreams trap you forever?

Okay.  I need to stay calm.  I thought that in this island these guys would come back, team up, and try to get revenge for you spoiling their plans.  You’d beat them up yet again and that would be that.  But, no.  We have to go inside their minds, try to extract evil from it (whatever that’s supposed to mean), and possibly be destroyed by them…or their dreams.  Not quite sure which one is worse…  Yep.  I am officially going to fail at this island.  I’m so scared I’m thinking of crying right now.

Okay, and if that’s not enough, check out the description of the Members-only Bonus Quest.

Here’s what the picture says: The world may be safe, but another villain stirs in his slumber.  Do you dare enter the dream machine once more, and visit a nightmarish version of one of the most popular Poptropica islands?

Okay, so that guy in the picture looks like a weird, messed-up version of your Poptropican in Lunar Colony.  I hope that doesn’t mean that we have to go into a crazy version of Lunar Colony.  Please, no!  Aliens are weird enough for me, I don’t think I could stand more weirdness!

Like every one of the more recent islands, this island that I’m definitely afraid of has Members only items.

So, the Members only items are a Night Hare costume, Sleeping Powder power, and Evil Henchmen item.  The Night Hare looks like a light-blue version of Dr. Hare’s bunny-suit.  I’m guessing you can use the Sleeping Powder to put other Poptropicans around you to sleep.  And the Evil Henchmen item looks like you can choose a follower from four things that represent each of the four super villains.  A spider for Black Widow, a robot mouse for Binary Bard, a rabbit for Dr. Hare, and a crab for Captain Crawfish.

The only other things on the info-page are a wallpaper and poster that are Super Villain Island-themed that you can download.  They look pretty cool, so check them out.

Well, I am scared to death of this island.  I hope it’s not just me…  That would be embarrassing…  Hopefully they release this island soon, so I can go ahead and get it over with.