Great Pumpkin Island

This guide was done by Super Thunder.

Linus is positive the Great Pumpkin will come. Will it? How can you help?

Go on Great Pumpkin Island. Go all the way right. Lucy will make Linus pick a perfect pumpkin. Compare all the pumpkins and give Lucy the heaviest. Now she will make you roll it home. Do this very carefully. Avoid the bunnies. Roll the pumpkin through the log. Make sure the kids in the swings do not smash it. Linus will give you his bag. Then Lucy will “kill” the pumpkin. Linus will tell you all about the Great Pumpkin. Now you leave. Give your bag to the kid outside. He will give you a lemon flavored sucker. Go back to Linus’s and Lucy’s place. Give the sucker to Linus. He will give you his invitation to the Halloween Party. Go left to where Snoopy is. Charlie Brown will make Snoopy help with the leaves. Hold your left button on the mouse to make Snoopy blow. Linus will jump into the pile of leaves. Go back to Linus’s house. Grab the pen. Go click on Linus. Now go back to where Snoopy was. Click on the pile of leaves and grab Linus’s blanket. Go give Linus his blanket back. Go back left and talk to Lucy. Use the pen. Grab the football. Now go below Snoopy and toss the football. For this next part, you have to make Snoopy dodge the Red Bron’s bullet. Avoid everything. After you do this, your plane goes down. Since you are now in enemy territory, you have to hide behind stuff, kind of like Counterfeit Island. After this very annoying part, go inside the house after grabbing a Halloween mask. Go do all the games. After you beat them all, you can go trick or treating. Then go to the pumpkin patch. Give your candy to Sally. Then a cut scene and you will get your medallion! Congratulations!

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  1. A strange thing happened in the Great Pumkin common room! A speech bubble without ANY POPTROPICAN is under the speech bubble! That is the STRANGEST THING IN MY WHOLE LIFE (not really!)!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I can take a picture of that! Like your pictures! It might happen on your computer! 😉 (I don’t think it’s a glich!)


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