Lunar Colony

Guide written by Icy Comet.  Guide to Bonus Quest written by Samwow5.

You start out by giving an astronaut a soda to settle his stomach.  You end up discovering a secret about the moon and about space itself.  After being tricked into going into space can you, somebody who’s never even seen the inside of a spaceship before, complete the assignment that has been given to you?  And will you know what to do when you stumble across a clue that you were never even trying to find?

Go to Lunar Colony if you’re not already there.  You will arrive on Main Street.  Go right until you see a man standing on a stage.  Talk to him.  He will tell you that nobody’s interested in space anymore.

Go right to an area called Mission Control.  Go right and enter the building.

There will be two people in the building.  Talk to both of them.  The woman will tell you that the space program is out of money.  That’s why she and the man are having to do “the work of fifty people”.  The man will complain that he has a million things to do.

Once you talk to them, a man will come in and ask why nobody’s paying attention to the astronaut on the screen, who looks pretty green.

He will then ask you who you are.  You will begin to answer him, but he will cut you off, saying that he is Flight Director Slayton and that he needs help.  You will begin to ask what he wants you to do, but he will cut you off.  He’ll tell you that he needs you to find something to settle the astronaut’s stomach.  You will begin to ask him a question, but, guess what?  He cuts you off, saying that you need to go help him.

Exit the building and go back to Main Street.

Go over to the stage.  The man will have left, but his soda will still be on the table.  Get it.  Go back to the area called Mission Control.

Go right, past the building.  Go underneath the red structure.  There’s a little panel to your right that has the word “Elevator” on it.  Click on it.

The elevator will come down.  Jump up on it, and then press the panel again.  You’ll go up.  Go right and enter the spaceship.

Use the ginger ale that you found.  You will give it to the astronaut.  He will tell you that he’s starting to feel better.

He will ask you to hold his helmet for him.  He will tell you that he thinks he left his wallet in the car.  He will walk out of the spaceship…and shut the door.

There is a little microphone earpiece thing laying on one of the cushions in the spaceship.  Click on it.  The flight director, Slayton, will tell you that the astronaut has “had a case of the jitters and won’t be coming back”.  And for some reason, Slayton thinks that you are the perfect replacement.  When you tell him that you don’t know how to fly a spaceship, he will tell you to stay calm and follow his instructions.

Click on the seat to strap yourself in.

Follow Slayton’s instructions to fly the spaceship.  After a little bit you will fly into an asteroid field, and you’ll be hit by an asteroid.  You have to navigate through the asteroid field without getting too much damage.

Once you get out of the asteroid field you’ll have to fix the place that got hit by the asteroid.  Go to the left until you see a little thing on the spaceship that says toolbox.  Click on that to open it up.  Click on the toolbox to grab it.

Go right, down to the underside of the spaceship, and left until you see the crack in the spaceship where the asteroid hit it.  You only have a limited amount of hose, so try to get to the crack without running out.

Click on the crack.  You’ll be brought to a screen where you can fix it.  Patch it up.

Once you’ve done that, Slayton will tell you that they are going to put the ship on autopilot and it will take you to the moon’s orbit.

Once you reach the moon, you’ll have to fly the lunar lander to reach the moon’s surface.  Flying the lunar lander may be a little difficult at first, and it might take you a couple of tries to get it right.  It helps if you hold the cursor above the lander so that you don’t rotate too much.  Also, make sure that you use the booster.  That way you don’t fly to the ground so fast that you end up crashing.

Once you’ve landed, go to the right and click on the door to the air lock to open it.  You’ll go inside the air lock, a couple lights will flash, the other door will open up, and you will run into the hallway.

Go through the door that says Vehicle Bay.  Go left, and jump up onto a platform that has a bunch of lockers on it.

You’ll notice an open locker.  Click on the locker, and you’ll get an operator’s manual.  Exit the Vehicle Bay.

Go right, and go through the door that says Barracks.  Go right until you see a ladder.  Jump up the ladder until you get to the third floor.  Jump onto it and go left until you see a bed that has a book on it.  Get the book.  There’s an open cabinet thing to the right of the bed.  Click on that to get a photo album.  You don’t have to read the book or the photo book, but it might help you understand what’s going on in the island more.

Go back to the ladder and jump up it until you get to the top floor.  Jump onto the top floor and go left until you see a computer that is turned on.  Go to your items and look at the operator’s manual.

There’s a list of functions and their control codes.  Look at the reboot function.  The control code for that is a square, two arrows going in a squarish oval shape, a circle, and an x.  Close the manual.

Click on the computer.  Two options will show up on the screen, e-mail and facilities control.  You can click on the e-mail if you want to, but you don’t have to.  The e-mails there are basically a bunch of emails from someone named Director McNabb who’s basically telling Salerno that she has to come home.

If you clicked the e-mail option, get out of that when you’re ready to move on.  Click on the facilities control option.  Enter the reboot function’s control code using the buttons to the right of the screen.  The computer will reboot.  It will tell you that the Vehicle Bay’s doors are jammed.

There’s a little switch to the left of the screen that will be flashing.  Slide that switch up all the way to the top to fix the doors.

Get off of the computer, exit the Barracks, and go back to the Vehicle Bay.

Jump up to the top-left platform.  There’s a little button that looks like it has half of the sun on it.  Click on the button.  It will make part of the roof slide to one side, letting in sunlight.

Go over to the middle-right platform.  You’ll probably notice that the beam of sunlight that you let in when you pressed the button has been reflected off of a solar-reflecting-device thing which I don’t know what to call, so I’ll just stick with that.  There’s one of those things on the platform that you are on.  Move the reflector device up until the beam of light gets a little brighter.  Jump down onto the platform that has the lockers on it, and jump onto a platform to its left.  There’s another one of those reflector things.  Move this one down just ever so slightly.  If you do it right the beam of light will hit a solar panel that’s on a rover on the floor.  The rover’s battery will be charged up using the sunlight.

Enter the rover.  You will automatically drive the rover out of the building

Now, you can drive the rover to one of the three other buildings.  The building that you were in was called the Crew Quarters & Main Vehicle Bay.  There’s a little map icon (the thing with the green colored screen) that you can click on to see where the other buildings are and where you are.

The building that you need to is in the top-right hand corner and it is labeled Infirmary & Research Facility.  So drive over to that building.

Once you get to it, click on the front of the building.  You’ll exit the rover.

You will see that a meteor has fallen in front of the entrance of the building.  Click on your rover’s winch (the hook) and attach it to the meteor.  The rover will pull the meteor out of the way.  Go left and enter the building.

Jump up onto the platform that has the words Lunar Laboratory on it.  There’s an Eye-Color Changing Station on that platform.  Click on it.  You’ll be shown different colors that you can change your eyes to.  Choose purple.  A laser will hit your eyes and make them change colors.

Once you’ve done that, jump up to the top platform.

There’s a machine there that is labeled Experimental Pressure Chamber.  Go inside the chamber and click on the red lever.  The pressure will make your Poptropican turn small.  Quickly run to the left, jump down to the ground and jump over two boxes that you wouldn’t have been able to jump over if you weren’t so small.

You should be standing in front of a door.  Go through the door.

You’ll be in a little maze sort of place where the gravity is sort of messed up, so it looks like the room is rotating when you walk.

Walk to the left until you see a red hose called a medi-hose.  Click on the medi-hose to grab it.

Make your way through the maze to get to the maintenance section.  Be careful though, because you only have a certain amount of hose, so try to go the shortest way possible.

Once you are in the maintenance section, go to the right and click on the vent.  You will spray water into the vent, causing water to come out of a shoot to your right.  The water will make cause something to fall out of the shoot and bounce over to you.  You’ll get the locator device.

Walk to the left, and click on a door that says Bio-Waste.  You will go through the door, and you’ll come out into the room that you were in before.  Exit the building and get back into your rover.

The next building that you need to go to is called the Bio-Dome.  If you look on the map, it’s on the bottom-left hand corner.  So go over to that building and enter it.

Once you’re inside the building, you’ll find that it has no gravity.  So to move around you’re going to sort of “swim” through the air.

Go to the right until you see a thing labeled Emergency Cork Dispenser.  Click on it and grab a cork.  Basically there are these things that are shooting out air.  If you get in front of them, you’ll be blown away.  So, you are going to have to put a cork in each of them so that you can get through.

So, go up and put a cork in the first one of those things that you see.  Now, there are two ways that you can do this.  The first way is a bit easier.  If you’re where you put the cork in the first one, you should notice that there’s a opening in the plants that goes sort of to the side and then down.  That sort of winds its way around the building, and since you come up underneath the last thing that’s blowing air, it makes it a little easier to put a cork in it.

The second way might be a bit harder, but it saves a lot of time, and it’s the way that I did it.  This way goes up and then directly to the left.  So, if you want to do this way, here’s how to do it.  (Make sure you have a cork.) Basically all you have to do is go up and then go to the left.  Stay close to the plants and go down beneath the stream of air as soon as you can.  But either way works.  Your goal is to get to the top of the building, where there’s a ladder going up.  So, once you’ve gotten to the top, go up the ladder.

Go a little to the right, and you’ll see an astronaut hiding behind some stuff.  It’s Salerno.  Click on her.

You’ll tell her that you’ve come to take her home.  She will tell you that she can’t leave when she’s so close to finding the last alien structure.  When you ask how she can be sure that the structures were placed there by aliens, she will tell you that “carbon dating showed the artifacts to be older than the moon itself”.  When you tell her that there must be another explanation, she’ll say that they are radioactive and that if she had the Geiger Counter, she would have already found the last one.

You’ll tell her that she needs to come with you.  Salerno will scream “Never!” and she will escape through a hatch.

There’s something beneath the hatch that Salerno went out through.  It’s Salerno’s key card.  Get it.

Go down the ladder, exit the building, and go back into your rover.

You’ll chase Salerno’s rover.  It’s all automatic, so you don’t have to do anything.  She will stop at the Rock Lab.

Click on the device that has the sign above it that says Eye Scan and Key Card required.  If you have purple eyes and Salerno’s key card, you will be let inside.

If you walk to the right, you’ll notice a little escalator/assembly line sort of device.  There are two buttons on the wall to the left of the escalator.  One changes the angle which the escalator is going.  It can point in a diagonal line up, straight to the side, or in a diagonal line down.  The button below that one changes which direction it’s going in.

Change it so that it is pointing down, and, if you need to, change it so that it is turning towards the right.  Then step onto it.  This escalator will be connected with another one, which is going in the same direction.

The second escalator will bring you to another level.  Change it so that it is pointing down and turning to the left.  Go down.  And, just like the first time, this one will connect with another escalator.  Change this one so that it is pointing down, and turning to the right.  Go down it, and you’ll be on the ground floor.

Go all the way to the right.  There should be a platform above your head.  There’s an escalator connected to this platform.  All you have to change with this one is the way that it’s turning.  Go up this one.

Change the next escalator so that it’s going up and change the way that it’s turning.  Go up this one.  Go to the right and go through the door.

When you enter the room, you’ll find that Salerno tricked you and put the locator device on a robot.  Jump up to the top platform on the left-hand side.  There’s something covered up by a sheet on this platform.  Click on it to pull the sheet off.

You found a Geiger Counter!  Slayton will signal your rover to come into the room.  Now, all you have to do is figure out how to get it onto the rover without breaking it.

Jump over to a platform that’s in the middle of the room.  There are a bunch of metal poles leaning against this platform.  Click on them to push one so that it falls over and leans up against the platform with the Geiger Counter, making a sort of ramp.

Go back to the Geiger Counter and push it down the pole, into the rover.  Enter the rover.

Basically just drive around in the rover until you find where the fourth artifact is.  Pay attention the the Geiger Counter.  The needle will point to the red when you’re closer, and it will point to the green when you’re farther away.  The area where you’ll find the fourth artifact is a little below and to the left of the Rock Lab, and it looks like a glowing blue “x”.  Click on it to examine it.

Walk over to the left, and you’ll notice a rock that looks like it’s glowing.  Click on your rover’s winch and attach it to the rock.  The rover will pull the rock, and it will rise up, making a giant pillar.  It will be shining a small beam of blueish-purple light.

Get back in your rover.  Follow the beam of light until it crosses with a different beam of light, this one colored red.  Click on the spot where the beams cross.

Walk to the left a little bit.  You’ll jump on top of a pile of dirt.  You’ll wonder what you are supposed to do now.  Salerno will come running towards you with a shovel in her hand.  She’ll ask if you’re still planning to bring her home, and you’ll reply with “Well, as long as we’re here…”.

Salerno will begin to dig.  After a few seconds, the ground will begin to shake.  The pile of dirt that you and Salerno were standing on will collapse, and you will fall down a tunnel.

Walk all the way to the right.  You should see a switch.  Click on it.  A purple light above the switch will turn blue, and the room will begin to shake.

Salerno is standing in front of a machine of some sort, that has a disc of light at its center.  Salerno will tell you that she thinks it’s a portal to the aliens’ world and that she has to go through.  You’ll protest, saying that it’s too dangerous.  Salerno will tell you that her mission is through there.  She will jump into the portal.

You will be automatically brought back to Mission Control.  Slayton will walk over to you tell you that you did a good job, and he’ll thank you for trying.  After a few seconds, they’ll get a message.  It’s a video of Salerno!  She’s standing in front of something that looks like an alien structure.  She’ll wave and then hold up a sign that says “Mission Accomplished”.

The director of PASE will walk in.  He’ll tell you that Salerno discovering alien life made people get interested in space again, and that the President called him to say that he’ll give them whatever money they need to keep the space program going.  He will give you the Island Medallion.

Congratulations!  You’ve now completed Lunar Colony!

Bonus Quest Walkthrough

The Bonus Quest will begin with a bunch of messages coming from the alien planet from Salerno, but no one can decode them. The scientists will send you to a retirement community to find Alan Turing, the inventor of the Turing test. Head out of Mission Control and run to your left, past the stage and the beginning of the island.

You’ll notice that there’s a bus what wasn’t there before. Click it to get in and go to the Shady Pines Retirement Village. Click the buzzer to enter the building and there will be a list of residents, none of which is Alan Turing. Of course, his is in code! It is always apartment number 3A, so go down to the second to last one (3A) and click the letters on the name to rearrange them until it says “ALAN TURING”.

Once you’ve done that click the 3A button and Alan Turing will come out of the retirement village and return to mission control with you so that you can decode the transmissions. He’ll give you a tutorial on how to solve the code, and the solution is actually quite easy and surprisingly repetitive and dull because the code solution is always the same each time and you have to do it four times in a row. Just slide to each letter and place them in the grid as shown in the picture below. Just copy it 4 times (the final letter where my mouse cursor is a “Y”) and you’ll beat the bonus quest!

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