Wimpy Animation in Action

The Creators, for some reason, thought that it would be interesting to us to see some of their “work in action”.  Well, I’ll pass.  I’m no good at that stuff, so why should I be interested?

We’re getting animated about Wimpy Boardwalk

One of the fun things about making a new Wimpy Kid Island is that we get to make a lot more new characters and animations. Here’s a look at some of our work in action!

Wimpy Boardwalk is coming soon to Poptropica!

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Okay, maybe that was a little bit interesting.  Only a little, though.


Poptropica’s Not-So-Special-Anymore-Already-Seen-Him Special Guest And The Top Ten…First Ten

Really, Creators?  As if we couldn’t guess.

Guess who?

This is a tough one!

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Sorta sad isn’t it.  When the Creators give someone so little to work with that they can’t think of anything to say.

Well, I’m gonna take a guess at this “history making announcement” thing.  Now I know you’ll think it’s crazy, but I think that maybe, just maybe, Greg Heffley’s coming back to Poptropica.  Yeah, told you that you’d think I was crazy.

Anyway, for a completely random change of subject, the top ten finishers of Poptropolis Games have been announced!  …Wait, let me fix that sentence.

Anyway, for a completely random change of subject, the top first ten finishers of Poptropolis Games have been announced!

Sorry, that’s what happens when you watch too much American Idol.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Poptropolis Games!

We’re already seeing lots of Poptropica Members going for the gold in the Poptropolis Games. Congratulations to the 10 Poptropicans who crossed the finish line first!

1. Barefoot Noodle
2. Orange Fox
3. Friendly Crown 
4. Lone Comet
5. Beefy Crush
6. Yellow Dragon 
7. Clean Skull 
8. Massive Snowball 
9. Purple Kid 
10. Rough Shell

Good luck to everyone else who’s still trying for that number-one spot. We’ll see you out on the field!


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*sigh* If only Lone Comet’s first name was Icy instead of Lone.  Then it would be me up there…

Just Another Day in a Pirate’s Life…

Eating disgusting watercress salad while listening to an old man talk, and talk, and talk… Just an average day in a pirate’s life…

Watercress salad?


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~Icy Comet

A Wimpy Wonderland Surprise

It looks like the Creators have decided to give us non-members a surprise!  Want to know what it is?  Take a look at Captain Crawfish’s newest post.

Wimpy Wonderland — Early Access for all!

We have some exciting news for our fellow Poptropicans! Thanks to our friends at 20th Century Fox, who made the new movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, now everyone can play Wimpy Wonderland during the Early Access period.

We hope this gives non-Members a taste of how much fun it is to be one of the first to play a new Island. And remember, Poptropica Members who play Wimpy Wonderland during the month of March still get something no one else does — the Paper Girl or Paper Boy Gold Card — and it’s yours to keep forever!

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If you’re a non-member, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Poptropica and play Wimpy Wonderland!

~Icy Comet

Wimpy Wonderland is avaliable for Members!

That’s right the Wimpy Wonderland is available for Members!

Wimpy Wonderland is now available for Poptropica Members!

Poptropica Members can log on right now to start playing Wimpy Wonderland! Join Greg Heffley and all your favorite Wimpy Kid characters for the most hilarious Poptropica Island yet!

Visit Poptropica
to start playing. If you’re not a Member, find out how you can get Membership.


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If you are a member, have fun playing Wimpy Wonderland!

~Icy Comet


Super Thunder: Captain Crawfish! How are you? How’s the ship? Still sunk?

Captain: … Yea. Whatever Stupid Thun…*cough* Super Thunder… My ship. YOU SUNK IT! O:<

Super Thunder: *laughing* Yup! I did! And it was fun! Ya know, I was reading this one book while doing that, called Diary of a Wimpy Ki-


Super Thunder: … Ok. Now, Icy Comet viewers, please enjoy this Crawfish post, brought to you by Super Thunder of Icy Comet’s Blog!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

You guessed right: the next Poptropica Island is set in the world of Diary of a Wimpy Kid! It’s called “Wimpy Wonderland,” and you can get all the details about it on our new Wimpy Wonderland info page.

Even better, you can log onto Poptropica right now for a sneak preview of Wimpy Wonderland. Just go to the map screen and fly your blimp to Wimpy Wonderland Island.

You’ll see a few familiar characters on Main Street, including Greg Heffley.

We’ll have more details on Wimpy Wonderland, including when it will be available, very soon.

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Super Thunder: Wonderland? Didn’t you once do a post about how warm you wanted-
Captain: Be quiet. You know nothing of Crawfish!
Super Thunder: Aha. Go on.
Captain: Just do the post!
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
One of the games on Wild West Island is a version of the card game Slap Jack. It follows the standard rules: you and your opponents take turns dealing one card into the center pile. When somebody puts down a Jack, the first player to slap the pile wins the cards. You win when all of your opponents have run out of cards. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well, it is, except for one thing: the fake-out.

When you’re dealing a Jack from your pile, you can bluff. Slide the card only partway to the center of the table, then pull it back, and there’s a chance one of your opponents might slap the pile anyway. If they do, you get a card from their draw pile.

But be careful! Your opponents will try to fake you out, too. The same rule applies: if you slap the pile before the Jack is placed, you’ll lose a card to the player who tricked you.

Good luck out there. As with everything you’ll do on Wild West Island, the stakes are high.

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Super Thunder: Yawn. Boring. Ima Slap Jack queen, k’?
Super Thunder: Wait. Captain Crawfish? Where… CAPTAIN CRAWFISH!!!
He’s gone. Of course he is. Well then.
*poof! Smoke appears and clears with no Super Thunder*
~Super Thunder

Who Does That Silhouette Belong To?

Can you tell who’s silhouette is in the picture?  It shouldn’t be hard!

Who’s guest-starring in the next Poptropica Island?

We’ll have the official announcement later in the week. There’s definitely something… familiar… about that silhouette.

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In case you can’t tell, that silhouette belongs to Greg Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

~Icy Comet

Wimpy Kid Ad

There is a new advertisement on Main Street.  If you talk to Greg, he will give you two items.  One is a diary that is kind of like a mad-libes sort of thing, and the other item is a wrestling outfit.

Another Diary of The Same Wimpy Kid

The Diary Wimpy Kid #5 is coming out on November 9th! Check out the cover for the book!

I wonder what it could be about.  It looks like Greg is sitting on a tree stump looking a an egg.  I guess I’ll find out in about 3 months…what a long wait!

Meet Greg Heffley, Poptropica’s Newest Guest

Greg Heffley has arrived in Poptropica!  He will be on the main street of any island.  Here is what the Creators have to say about this:

Poptropicans, please welcome the wimpy kid himself to Poptropica!

Greg Heffley is waiting for you on the Main Street of your favorite Island with some exciting news. Visit any Poptropica Island for the scoop!

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I went to Main Street on Early Poptropica Island, and talked to Greg Heffley.  He said, “Come back on Thursday to see the front cover of my new book.”  Looks like another Diary of a Wimpy Kid is coming out.

This is Icy Comet signing out for now! 😀