Oh, the Leg Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone…

…And that’s the only part of that song that I know.  …I don’t even know if I got that part right…  Oh, well.

There’s a new costume/power available just in time for Halloween in the Poptropica Store!  Get ready to start singing “the leg bone’s connected to the hip bone” with me when you wear the Skeleton Power.

As you can see from the picture above, there are two buttons that you can press.  The first one is the “I’m A Skeleton” button.  If you press that, you turn into a skeleton.  I know, surprising, right?

A skeleton with eyelashes… Somehow that doesn’t fit.

The second button is the “I See Skeletons” button.  That one will turn everyone around you into a skeleton.

There’s only one problem…  I couldn’t find a way to undo the “I’m A Skeleton” part, so I clicked on the customize button and clicked on my skull and skeleton body-suit thing, and this is what I was left with…

Uh… Where’s my hair?

Before I leave to fix this costume crisis that I have on my hands, I just wanted to let you know about a small little change in the Poptropica Store.  All the Halloween-related costumes have been moved to the front of the store.  So, instead of seeing a baby costume as the first thing in the line of costumes, you’ll see something like the Bride of Frankenstein or the Swamp Monster costumes toward the front, instead.  It’s probably only temporary for Halloween, though.

Well, I’m off to go see if I can find my hair.  I hope you have more luck with the Skeleton Power than I did!



A New Island With a Strange Name And a Costume for You Pie Lovers

The Creators have finally announced what the new island is going to be called.  And before I tell you, let me just say that this island wins the prize for weirdest island name ever.

You ready to hear what it is called?  You’re never going to be able to guess!  Okay, here it is………



Poptropica Island

Is Called…

Twisted Thicket Island!

Sorry if you had to scroll down a lot to read that!  I was just excitedHere’s what the Creators have to say about Twisted Thicket Island:

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

We’re pleased to announce the next Poptropica Island: Twisted Thicket!

Twisted Thicket is a journey into the heart of an enchanted forest. Who knows what dangers await? We’ll have much more information about this new adventure soon!

avatar image

Hopefully we’ll learn more about Twisted Thicket Island soon!

Next up is something that I’m sure you pie freaks who go around saying “I like pie!” all the time will like.

There are three new costumes in the Poptropica Store, but they’re not just any costumes.  Although I don’t personally like them, I’m sure that there’s somebody out there who will like them…somewhere…

Happy Pi Day!

Today, 3/14, is also known as “Pi Day,” because the famous number Pi starts with the digits 3.14. Pi is important for a lot of reasons, one of which is that it allows you to calculate the area of a circle.

But there’s another kind of circular pie we like even more, and that’s why we’ve just released three new costumes to the Poptropica Store. Pick your choice of Cherry Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Mud Pie to show your pride this Pi Day.

Visit Poptropica now to get your pie costumes!

avatar image

Here are some pictures of the costumes:

There’s just one think I don’t understand.  Why is there “Sweet as Pie” in the costumes title?  I mean, that’s not an expression or anything.  Or is it?

Edit: Here’s a picture from the Poptropica Homepage that for some reason, no idea why, looks really funny to me.

Two New Christmas Things in the Poptropica Store

There are two new Christmas-themed things in the Poptropica Store.

The first thing is the Elf Costume.

Here is what the Elf Costume looks like for girls:

Here is what the Elf Costume looks like for boys:

The second thing is an item called Candy Cane-on.

Here is what it looks like:

If you press the SPACEBAR while holding the Candy Cane-on, you will be able to shoot snowballs!

The Elf Costume is free, and the Candy Cane-on costs 150 credits.

It’s Disco Time!

You can become a Disco King or Queen with the newest costume in the Poptropican Store!

New in the Poptropica Store: Disco Queen and King costumes

Just released to the Poptropica Store are two new costumes: Disco Queen, for girls, and Disco King, for boys.

These outfits don’t just look snazzy. Press the spacebar when you’ve got them on, and your Poptropican will bust a move.

Let’s see some dance parties in those common rooms this weekend!

avatar image

No offense to the Creators, but these costumes look really weird!

Oh Cristmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree…

Well, you’re not exactly a Christmas Tree, but with this new costume, you sure have a lot of lights!

New costume: Tangled in Lights

There’s a new costume available in the Poptropica store! Wreathe yourself in holiday cheer with this string of festive lights, which includes three blinking patterns to choose from.

The “Tangled in Lights” costume is free to use for Poptropica Members, and 75 credits for non-Members. Enjoy!

avatar image

It’s too bad the Creators aren’t making all the holiday costumes free…

~Icy Comet