Tribal Supremacy

Even though Poptropolis Games has been out for awhile, the Creators are still talking about it.  Wish that they would start talking more about Wimpy Boardwalk.  Or how they’re planning to make a Lord of the Rings island.

…Yeah, they’re not really going to do that.  *sigh*  They should though.  It would be AMAZING!  Or they could do a Despicable Me island, or a Brave island, or a Harry Potter island.  OR!  An Inheritance Cycle island!  That would be amazing, too!  They should just let me be in charge of what the islands are about.  😉

Anyway, apparently the Creators are stalking us and seeing what place we get in when we play Poptropolis Games.  And all this time I thought that only I knew about the stupid mistakes that I made…

Like I was saying, the Creators have apparently kept track of what tribe you’re in and how many times that you get in first place, because they’ve decided to tell us which tribe has the best overall scores.

Which tribe reigns supreme?

Now that Poptropolis Games has been available for a few weeks, millions of Poptropicans have chosen their tribes and competed for glory. But do you want to know which tribe’s representatives have the best overall scores?

Go on, take a guess. We’ll wait for you.

Okay. The top-performing tribe in Poptropica is….

The Nanobots! Congratulations to everyone who’s flying the flag of the red robots!

If you’re not a Nanobot, don’t worry. You can always help your tribe reach the mountaintop by playing, and winning, Poptropolis Games! Visit Poptropica now to play!

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All I can say:





Funny how much a little icon at the bottom of Poptropica’s login page that says “2 hours” can drive a person crazy.

The Creators apparently thought that it was nice to tease us in our misery by doing a post yesterday that was basically saying “Hah!  You can’t play it yet no matter how much you want to!”.

They’re probably sitting in their little office somewhere doing evil laughs and saying that making us go crazy is like taking candy from a baby.  It doesn’t help that it actually is that easy to make us, or at least me, loopy.

Big bullies…

One more day to decide…

What tribe will you represent in the Poptropolis Games?

Poptropolis Games rises tomorrow! Poptropica Members will have Early Access to the entire Island. Non-Members will be able to play a limited demo.

Don’t miss out — find out how to become a Member today!

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The Winner! …So Far…

Edit: I seriously thought that I pressed the Publish button.  But, I guess I didn’t…I’m probably going crazy.  Anyway, here’s what happened.  I did this post probably the day that the Creators published their post on the PCB.  I thought I published it, but I guess something went wrong and it didn’t publish.  I didn’t realize until today that it wasn’t published.  So, obviously this is a few days late.  I’m so sorry!

There’s a poll on the Creators’ Blog about which tribe you are going to represent in the Poptropolis Games.  Captain Crawfish decided to do a pointless post telling us which one of the tribes is in the lead.  And considering how far in the lead it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if it won.

Going wild for Poptropolis Games

Well, well. After a few days of polling, it seems that the Wildfire is the runaway favorite tribe, and over 45% of Poptropicans plan to represent the red and orange in the Poptropolis Games. I have to say I’m a little surprised. This old sea salt’s heart is with the Flying Squid, now and forever.

Those of you itching to fly your tribal flag in the Poptropolis Games have only a few days to wait. It comes out on Thursday!

In the meantime, if you haven’t voted in our poll yet, there’s still time! Go ahead and tell us which tribe you plan to join by making your selection to the right of this post.

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Well…I would say that there’s still time to vote for Seraphim and put it in the lead, but…considering that there’s only one day left to vote…I highly doubt that’s possible.

Oh, well.  Sometimes the most awesome things in life aren’t the most popular things.  Or, at least, to me they are.

The Final Two

I was right.  The Creators pulled a sneaky trick on us and made us think that we knew all the tribes, but then, out of nowhere, they announce two more tribes.

They never can do anything the easy way…

If you have a tendency to get lost, then this tribe is for you.  When you join, you get a free compass!  (Not really, but that doesn’t matter.)  Hopefully, you won’t have to use it though.

The Tribes of Poptropica: Pathfinders

Feeling lost? Then we have the tribe for you!


There’s only one route to the gold medal, and this tribe thinks they know which way to go. Maybe you’ll help them get there!

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The next tribe is for any of you who defy your parent’s wishes and play with matches anyway.  Watch out when you do that, though, cause if you’re not careful your firey (yes, I know that’s not a real word, but what do I care) fun could turn into something like this.

The Tribes of Poptropica: Wildfire

Our eighth and final tribe may be the hottest of them all.


Winning a competition as tough as the Poptropolis Games takes more than talent. It takes a burning desire to win. Do you have the fiery passion to join the Wildfire?

Now that you’ve seen all the tribes in Poptropica, which one do you think you’ll join? Vote in our poll on the sidebar!

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There’s a poll on the Creators’ Blog about which tribe you will join.  Here’s the results so far.  It’s in order of least to greatest, not the order that the tribes are listed on the Creators’ Blog.

Flying Squid- 24 votes (4%)

Black Flags- 29 votes (5%)

Yellowjackets- 31 votes (5%)

Nightcrawlers- 39 votes (6%)

Pathfinders- 43 votes (7%)

Seraphim- 104 votes (17%)

Wildfire- 248 votes (42%)

There’s 5 days left to do the poll, so make sure that you vote for your tribe!

(Psst!  Vote for Seraphim!)

Nanobots, Yellowjackets, and the Countdown Begins!

The last two tribes for Poptropolis Games have been announced!  That is, if they actually are the last two tribes.  The Creators might have just made it seem like they were the last two tribes, and, then, they might surprise us last minute.  That’s just like something that the Creators would do.  Ooh, sneaky, sneaky.

Anyway, the first of the two tribes is a tribe of super small, super computers whose name reminds me of an iPod Nano.

The Tribes of Poptropolis: Nanobots

You might have to squint to see the next tribe. Introducing…


Proving that good things come in small packages, the Nanobots are programmed for victory. Will you help them execute the gold-medal download?

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The second of the new tribes is an insect that I don’t really like to cross paths with.  They’re meanies.

The Tribes of Poptropica: Yellowjackets

Our next tribe plans to swarm to the medal stand in the Poptropolis Games. Introducing..


Usually when you call somebody “yellow,” you’re calling them a scaredy cat, but this tribe takes it as a compliment. When you see yellow, you’d better run!

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The Creators have also announced the day that Poptropolis Games comes out for Members!

Poptropolis Games – the countdown is on!

We’re happy to announce that Poptropolis Games will be available to Poptropica Members next Thursday, May 24! You’ll be the first to choose your tribe and compete for glory.

Keep an eye on the Poptropica homepage for the second-by-second countdown.

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Hold on, Members, you’re almost there!  Just have to wait until next week!

And it seems as though we’re not giving the Creators enough to do, cause they’ve decided to get a little fancy on us.

They decorated the countdown timer.

The only thing that I don’t like about the new timer is that it’s harder to take a screenshot of it.  Sorry about the “Avaliable to Members in” part being cut off a little at the top.  A girl can only do so much, ya know.

I’m sorta sorry that I didn’t get to name my post # days, # hours, # min, # sec (# equals a number, I don’t actually have “#” in my posts’ names) like I normally do, so………………………………………………………………………….





6 Days, 20 Hours, 23 Minutes, And 45 Seconds!


Yet Another Horrible Name, Courtesy of the Creators

The Creators announced the name of the last tribe (of the four that they have so far told us about).  Though, why they didn’t just do it all at once, I still don’t understand…

Anyway, don’t get too excited.  The name isn’t that amazing.  And, yes, I know that you thought that nothing could get worse than Black Flag or Flying Squid, but this beats those by miles in the category of horrible names.

All I can say: brace yourself.

The Tribes of Poptropolis: Nightcrawlers

Looking for the dirt on the next Poptropica tribe? Then you might be interested to meet…


The Nightcrawlers might look like pushovers, but they’re used to being used as bait. Watch out they don’t hook you!

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Um, no thanks.  I definitely don’t want my tribe to be worms, and worse things used as fishing bait.  So, sorry, Nightcrawlers, but you’re going to have to look somewhere else if you want someone to be in your tribe.