Zomberry: Day Zero, The Fifth Comic

With Zomberry Island coming closer, and closer, the more we are learning about how this tragedy came to happen.  The story is being told through comics, called Zomberry: Day Zero.  There are a total of six comics.  The fifth comic was released yesterday, with the suspense getting more…well…suspenseful with every second.

Take a look below to see the fifth addition to Zomberry: Day Zero.

It seems that the zombie’s only weakness is light.  Why am I not surprised?

The sad thing is, there’s only one comic left.  And the even sadder thing is, we don’t get to see it until Monday.  That means a whole weekend of wondering where Joe Puddy has run off to at the end of the comic…  Fun.


Candy + Zombies = ?

It’s very strange; the closer we get to Christmas, the closer we get to a creepy, weird, zombie-themed island.  Somehow the two just don’t fit…  Hopefully you’ll get a lot of presents to help you deal with this upcoming island.  But, before we get on with the zombie news, let’s start with something a bit sweeter.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is now out for non-members!  Are you ready to get your golden ticket and delve into a candy-lovers dream?  Prepare yourself for a crazy adventure!

If you get a little stuck along the way, don’t forget to check out our awesome Charlie and the Chocolate Factory guide, written by Samwow5.

Though it is good news, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory isn’t the main theme of this post.  More news about Zomberry Island is waiting to be told.  Let the creepiness begin!

As you probably know by now, the Creators have been releasing a series of comics telling about how Zomberry Island’s fruit-loving inhabitants got turned into zombies that would fit in nicely in a horror movie.  If you missed the first half of the series, just take a look at this post and this post to catch up.  And if you’ve already read those, take a look below to see the newest addition to Zomberry: Day Zero.

Oh, the suspense of it all!  This comic was released yesterday, so the 5th one should be released sometime later today.  Hopefully we’ll find out who on earth is in that helicopter and if Joe Puddy manages to escape from those zombies.

If you’re a member, you can have a little fun with some new items while you’re waiting for the next comic to be released.  If you guessed that the Zomberry Island gear is now out, then you are correct!

The items that you get are the Big Blue power, the ZMB Unit costume, and the Safety Flare item.

First up, the Big Blue power!

Big Blue power

When you put on the big blue power, prepare yourself for a shock.  Your Poptropican will turn into one of those oversized zombies.

Big Blue power pic

Very attractive, isn’t it?

Now, onto the Safety Flare item.

Safety Flare item

When you use the Safety Flare item, a flare will go into your hand.  When you press the SPACEBAR, your Poptropican will put down one of these flares, making a reliable, red light.

Safety Flare item pic

And last, but most certainly not least, the ZMB Unit costume.

ZMB Unit costume

Use the ZMB Unit costume to turn your once-normal Poptropican into a tough Poptropican who’s ready for anything.

ZMB Unit costume pic

That about wraps it up for this zombie-packed post.  Non-members, go out and have some delicious fun in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and members, go prepare yourselves to face some monsters.  Check back for more news!  Also, I’m currently working on a post about sneak peeks in Daily Pop, so that should come out real soon!  😀

…And, of course, right as I finish this post as was prepared to get my Poptropican out of the ZMB Unit costume, Poptropica stops working on me and won’t let me log back in due to maintenance.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to play for awhile…


Zomberry: Day Zero, The Third Comic

You might already know about how the Creators are releasing a series of comics telling about how the disaster on Zomberry Island all began.  Two have already been released, and the third was released yesterday.

Take a look!

It looks like the Poptropicans are already starting to turn into zombies at the end of the comic.  It looks like the smoothies are possibly the cause of this nightmare…

Hopefully we’ll find out more real soon!