Pop, Pop, Pop!

Well, I never really, um, cared if Gretchen Grimlock, our Cryptids villainess, could touch her nose with her tongue (I was about to type “can touch her tongue with her nose), but, well, you can’t get everything you want in life, so the Creators told us anyway.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Pop quiz, hotshot

What awesome new features are coming to Poptropica very soon?
We’ll have the answer soon!
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Hmm. Fascinating. A thing that looks like a gorilla-potato hybrid can touch his nose with his tongue (I was gonna type the wrong thing again. :D), but Gretchen Grimlock can’t. Um, well okay. If you needed to tell me. Who knows? Maybe Gretchen threatened the Creators. Oh well.
~Super Thunder

Tiny Little Dryads Grab You and Take Off With You In Their Clutches…

Yep.  That’s about all of what the new post on the Creators’ Blog says.  I could just leave the title there, and not say anything else and you would understand about everything that you could understand from reading the post.  But since I’m such a nice person, I won’t make you suffer through my confusingness any longer and I’ll let you see the Creators’ post.

Up, up, and away!

Some of the inhabitants of Twisted Thicket can be pretty prickly!

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Not very original for Poptropica, but sure.  It works.  Sort of.

The Second Dream Slideshow

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So, as you may already know, I’m making some video guides for this blog.  Though they’re not exactly videos.  They’re technically slideshows.  Amazing slideshows, that is.  That’s why I’ll be referring to them as the “Dream Slideshows”.

Anyway, the first Dream Slideshow was the first part of a guide to Cryptids Island.  And I have now finished the second part of the guide to Cryptids Island!  Here it is:

As you’ve probably guessed, this isn’t all there is to the guide.  I’m going to start working on the third part to the guide real soon, so check back!

Edit: I’ve added a page called Video Guides, so whenever I publish a new Video Guides, I’ll put it on that page.

A New Guide With A New Style

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So, I wanted to add some more, better guides here.  My original thought was to add video guides along with the written walkthroughs.  Well, then I realized that that wouldn’t work, because all of the software that I have don’t do good videos, and I don’t have the kind of money that it takes to buy software that does make good videos.  So, I thought to myself, what’s better than written walkthroughs?  Well, walkthroughs with pictures would be better.  But, some of our guides already have pictures on them, and it would be pointless to rewrite an entire walkthrough just to add pictures.  So, I needed something in between walkthroughs with pictures and video walkthroughs.  Something that I could do along with the normal walkthroughs.

So, what would that be?

What about a slideshow?  Not just any slideshow, though.  A slideshow with both pictures and words.  A slideshow with amazing graphics and transitions.  A slideshow with maybe a little background music.  The dream slideshow.

Well, prepare yourself to see the dream slideshow come to life.

And what better way to start a whole new series of dream slideshows than by starting with my favorite island: Cryptids Island.  So, scroll on down to see part one of the guide to Cryptids Island!  Oh, and sorry about being sort of cheesy, I was just having fun.

Oh, and for simplicity, we will either refer to these guides as the dream guides or as the video guides, even though it’s more of a slideshow than a video.

Note: the dream slideshow does have a few little problems.  Like the fact that the pictures don’t stay up for very long.  This is only part one of the guide, so all that will be fixed in part two.  I was still learning how to use the software when I made the video.

Let me know what you think of it!  I hope you liked it!  If you have any suggestions, questions, or something to say about the video (like that you thought that it was the most amazing thing EVER), just leave a comment!

I’ll be finishing the second part to the walkthrough real soon, and I’ll do a post when I’m done.

Daily Pop Sneak Peeks #11

Here we go again, time for more sneak peeks from Daily Pop that leave you in suspense and wondering what on earth the next island might be.  Anyway, just like last time, I’m going to have the picture from Daily Pop; then the caption from Daily Pop as the caption on the picture; and then, below the picture, my own amazing thoughts on the pictures.

Without further ado, here are the sneak peeks!

Before the Grande- Some of the earliest pictures of El Mustachio Grande.

I’m so glad they didn’t use any of these.  Some of them don’t even look scary.

Royal Crown- This leap went straight to the headpiece.

A Poptropican on top of some giant guy’s head with what looks like drawings that a two-year old did.  Perfectly normal.

Spiked- Time flies like an arrow.

Maybe a Poptropican throwing something?  Not quite sure.

Outside the Lines- Poptropica gets a new looks. Not really.

So, this is probably a sketch or something that the Creators thought they might be able to trick us into thinking that was the way that Poptropica was going to look soon, when it really isn’t.  Or is it?

Ship of Fools- Still, they've got the best view.

Okay, the eye on the boat reminds me of the Eye of Horus, which is from Egyptian Mythology.  But the “ship of fools” part reminds me of Greek Mythology for some reason.  So confusing…

Victory in Hand- These fists are drawing a finish line in the sand.

Giant fists being the finish line for a race?  This is getting weirder all the time.

Sculpted Abs- This massive figure has the power.

So a giant who is a blacksmith.  Don’t know if that is what it is, but it sure sounds creative.

Shield Law- Even the biggest shield can's stop the biggest spear.

*gasp* TYPO!!!!  The caption said “Even the biggest shield can’s stop the biggest spear.”!  The typo’s the word “can’s”.  Wow.  The Creators have a typo on a sneak peek…wow.  Anyway, aren’t’ those the people from the ship of fools?

On Your Marks- Bet you can't guess what's happening here.

Of course I can guess.  A pole vault is where you run and then use a pole to vault over another pole.

Head in the Clouds- This new island sets some lofty goals for you.

A giant statue flying.  How does that work?  Or is that even a statue?

Well, that’s all for now.  Sorry if my commentary wasn’t very interesting, but it’s hard to be interesting when you are tired.  And it’s hard not to be tired when you are doing something as boring and time consuming as this.


Thinking ‘Bout Food

More evidence that the Creators are most definitely bears.  Apparently all they can think about is food.  First, they added the three pie costumes for Pi Day.  That is sort of understandable.  I mean, I knew about Pi Day.  But the new costume they’ve added.  Well…I’m not so sure about this one.

The new costume is…a waffle.  Even more pathetic than pie.  Not saying that I don’t like waffles or anything, because I love them.  It just is sort of a rotten costume, that’s all.

The waffle was added for something called “International Waffle Day”, or at least that’s what it says on the costume’s item card.  Up until this moment, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as International Waffle Day.  Maybe it’s something the Creators just made up.  Or maybe it’s actually a huge holiday that somehow I missed out on hearing about.  Either way would make sense.

So, here’s what the costume looks like:

So, I’m sure I know what you’re thinking: Oh boy!  This costume has got to be free, since the Creators made the three pie costumes all cost 75 credits each!  But alas, no.  This costume costs 75 credits, just like the pie costumes.  When it gets to where you can’t even dress up like food for free, well…well…I don’t know what well.  Or is it well what?  Either way, I’m sure I have you plenty confused now.  So I think I leave you to ponder what on earth International Waffle Day is.

Edit: The Creators did a post on the costume after I did this post.  I thought that you might like to see it, so here’s the post:

Waffles, tasty waffles!

Did you know that today is International Waffle Day? Did you further know that there’s a new costume in the store which celebrates it? You do now!


Boys can pick up the square waffle costume, while girls can get the stylish round waffle costume. Both look tasty to me, but it appears that the house pets of Poptropica disapprove.

Head to Poptropica and visit the Poptropica Store to get your waffle costume!

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Well, that’s it for now.  IC out!

Get Dizzy With Dizzy Dancers!

Yes, yes, I know; horrible title.  But I couldn’t think of anything else.  And, yes, I know that this is miniscule compared to the fact that Vampire’s Curse Island is finally out for non-members today, but there was already a post saying that.

Anyway, there’s a new ad on Poptropica.  It’s for a new toy called FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers.

So, here’s what to do on the ad: when you enter the building, go to the right until you see a…I don’t know what to call it…Poptropican?  Well, let’s just call it a thing for now.  Anyway, talk to the thing.  It will tell you to play the game to win some prizes.

Yep, definitely a thing.

When you tell the thing “I’m ready!”, you will be brought to a screen where it will tell you how to play the game.  Basically, to play the game, all you have to do is jump in front of pink stars to do tricks that will earn you points.  The goal is to get 500 points before the time runs out.  Believe me, the game is super easy.

When you win the game you get two prizes, the FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers Spin Power and the FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers HuskieBell Follower.

FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers Spin Power

FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers HuskieBell Follower

To use the Spin Power, first turn it on by pressing the button that says “Use”.  Then just press the SPACEBAR to spin around and around and around and around.

Know you can't tell, but my Poptropican is spinning in this picture.

To use the HuskieBell Follower, just press the button that says “Follow” on the item card.  Here’s what it looks like when it is following your Poptropican:

Yeah...definitely prefer my dragon. What kind of a name is HuskieBell, anyway?

Well, that’s about it.  Have fun…getting dizzy?


Hey , it’s LP ! Anyways you’ve maybe wandering why I haven’t been posting a lot of things lately . Well I had a TERRIBLE fever and I’m better now . So now I can post things again 😀

It’s Finally Here… The Curse!

Nonmembers, rejoice! Spring is here, and with it, comes the release of Vampire’s Curse!You can sink your teeth into Spring, by saving Katya, and turning into a tomato headed fanged creature. It’s okay though, it’ll pass.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don’t forget: Vampire’s Curse Island is open to all tomorrow!

The wait for non-Members is almost over. Vampire’s Curse Island will be available to everybody tomorrow. We’ll announce it the moment it happens right here in the Poptropica creators’ blog, so be sure to check in!
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Wait, was that post completely nessecarry? Well, no probably not, but still, I felt the need to post it to spam up this blog.
Do you guys like hot chocolate? I just got informed that Spring is coming, so no chocolate for me. D:
~Super Thunder

Pop Picture Contest #5

Edit: Congratulations to no,ilikestrawberries for guessing correctly!  The picture is from Ghost Story Island!  Check out the Pop Picture Contest page where her name is!

Time yet again for another Pop Picture Contest!

First, the boring routine of telling you that if you don’t already know what the Pop Picture Contest is, just go to the Pop Picture Contest page.  There’s everything you need to know there.  If there’s something you have a question about, you can leave a comment there, too.

Now that the routine that I wish I didn’t have to do every time is out of the way, here’s the picture:

Just a ripped off piece of a newspaper. Nothing important... Or is it?

So, hopefully you won’t be able to guess this one for awhile.  No offense, or anything, but I like it when you get a headache trying to figure out what island the picture is from.  It means that I’ve done my job good. 😉

If you’ve never done the Pop Picture Contest before, why don’t you go ahead and try?  Who knows, you might actually win!  Sure, the prize isn’t that great, but it’s more about the fun than it is about the prize.

Good luck to anyone who tries to guess what island this is from!  Just don’t think about it too hard.  It might be too obvious if you did that.