Dramatic Cliffhanger

New Scene!

Dramatic Cliffhanger
Monday November 15 2010
Where is this, anyway?

When I found out there was a creature as reclusive as me, I had to see for myself. I just hope my sherpa guide doesn’t let go.



The Chicken Alarm

You may be wondering from the title, what is a chicken alarm?  Well, I’m still trying to figure that out myself.  Here is Hazmat Hermit’s very short post that he should have made much longer, telling all about the chicken alarm.

Sound the alarm!

You do need a good chicken alarm now and then.

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Hazmat Hermit

I can’t figure out what island would need a chicken alarm.  What does a chicken alarm actually do?!?!  We might never know if the Creators decide not to make this island.

Hazmat Hermit Leaves His Mark

It looks like Hazmat Hermit left his mark on Steamworks Island!

As a Poptropica Creator, I try to leave my mark on Poptropica whenever I can. Like on a blackboard on Steamworks Island, say.

Shh! Don’t tell anybody, or they’ll erase it!

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It looks like you get to go in a lab on Steamworks Island!  For anyone who is a non-member (including me) there are about 22 more days until Steamworks Island is open for everybody.

*walks away sobbing*