Super Thunder Modeling

Yup! I’m gonna model for you! Ok, this is very random, but you know that Paper costume for Members only? I’m going to model the two versions for girls. First, the first form of the costume:

Nothing happens if you press the spacebar. 😦

Which one did you like more? Vote here!

Power Stranger… I mean Ranger..

I was walking in my favorite island, Early Poptropica, when I saw this:


I figured that the best day to find out what’s going on, was to go inside. And so I did. I offered to be a team member. Now, I’ve got to go through training.


After I made my way throught the obstacles (which, by th way, I could not do without Minimizer) I got this:

The Mega Mode turns you shiny and power rangery.

~Super Thunder

Boog’s here!

I came across a place like this in one of my travel’s in Early Poptropica:

Well, I went inside, and went up, They wanted me to help Boog.

Boog needs my help, huh? Well, doesn’t everything in Poptropica go that way? People need your help, and you go and save the day. Oh well, just help him!

Tilt it back and forth slowly. When you’re done, you will get these prizes:

Yes, I’m sure the ‘croud’ went wild.

~Super Thunder

Gulliver’s Travels: Actual Walkthrough

Popular was in Shark Tooth Island looking for an ad and I found ANOTHER Gulliver’s Travels Ad. Don’t Worry, you don’t have to watch a 5-minute video this time.

Part One: Enter The Advertisement, then you see a boat. Step Inside The Boat. When you ride into the Bermuda Triangle, you think you failed, but You didn’t. If you choose to be the Lilliputians, you have to avoid Gulliver’s big shoes. First you see an obstacle (rock, thorny bush,etc.) then you jump over the obstacle. Then you go left, When Gulliver’s about to step, Jump Right. Do that for 4 or 5 times, then they give you the option to be Gulliver.

Part Two: If you choose the option to be Gulliver, you will have to use your body to block arrows from the army that is attacking the Lilliputians. Here are some things to remember when you are blocking the arrows: 1. Make sure you stay close to the Lilliputians. 2. If you know an arrow is not going to hit the Lilliputians, don’t try to block it. 3. Worry about arrows coming from above more than arrows coming from an angle. After you block a certain number of arrows, the Lilliputians will get closer to the army that is attacking them. That will happen four or five times, and then you will have completed the quest.

The prize is Gulliver’s Travels Costume, Gulliverizer, and then a Lilliputianizer.

I had trouble with the Gulliver Part, so Icy Comet wrote that. Thank you, Icy Comet!! 😀

My next post will be a surprise. Until Then, Bye!! 😀

P.S. I have a picture.

Popular Jumper was strolling into bieng Tiny or HUGE.

Honey.. Nuttttt…*suspense builds* CHEERIOS!!!

Lil’ Super Thunder was strolling around in Steamworks Island, when she found this:

Naturally, she went to investigate, and she talked to a bee like boy:

He told her to stop Yellow Jacket. So Super Thunder went and started the quest. You have to dodge the stingers, very much like catching Betty Jetty on Super POWer Island. After Super Thunder caught Yellow Jacket, She recieved these awards:


Doesn’t Super Thunder look cute?

Gulliver’s Travels ad in Poptropica!

So I was in Early Poptropica, all joyous and happy because of the Cryptids Island Sneak Peek. I think I am thirteen years old in Poptropica. Anyway, I saw this:

And, naturally, I saw the video.It’s just the trailer. And the prizes work like the  minimizer, and Hades’ crown.

Fishy Hookies!

So there’s a new ad in Poptropica and it’s about FISH HOOKS! Well anyway, on to the ad. I found it on a twelve year old girl character on Shark Tooth Island. So you enter. There is a small scene of Bea getting prepared for her picture and she sneezes. It is assumed that the picture came out bad. Then you start your quest. Then there is a cutscene and Milo, Oscar, and Bea introduce themselves. They tell you the problem and you offer to help. Then they will give you a picture for Clamantha to distract her. Now you are free. Go to the door that says “Hokey Poke”. Go inside. Talk to the pink fish called Shellsea. She will tell you that Clamantha is in the yearbook room and she will give you a key. Now exit the room and go into Fresh Water High. Go all the way right untilm you get to a door labeled “Classroom”. When you click start, you will arrive at a room with pearls. The pearls are being shot at you and yu duck to avoid them. Go inside the door that says exit and make sure you get it when there are no lasers. Talk to the clam and give her the note. She will leave. Now you get 15 seconds to find Bea’s photo, so to do that, take all the pictures and grab the last one. Now you get your rewards! Exit and then leave and you will fall on the sign labeled Shark Tooth Island. Your prizes are a Fish Hooks t-shirt and an Underwater Effect which makes it look like you are underwater! 😉