Twisted Thicket Island

The people of Twisted Thicket Island are being terrorized by the creatures from the forest. You must go into the forest to stop the forest dwellers from causing anymore trouble. But as you go on your journey, you begin to question who your real enemies are. Can you figure out the forest’s secrets? And, when the truth comes out, will you make the right choice in who you choose to help?

Go to Twisted Thicket Island if you’re not already there. You will be on Main Street.

Go right until you see an area called Construction Site.

Go right until you see a guy in a suit with a white hard hat. Talk to him. He will tell you that creatures from the forest have stopped development on his construction project. He’ll ask you to stop them.

Go right, up a little tunnel that trash goes through to get to the dumpster, through a house, and into the woods.

You’ll see a symbol that looks like an acorn inside of a tree. Click on it. You will get the Lesovyk Rune.

A bunch of dryads will surround you and grab on to you. Use the dryads to “fly” through this section of the forest. Don’t let too many dryads grab on to you, though, otherwise you will be carried off. Also, make sure that you don’t fall down any of the holes in the section. This part might take a few tries to get through, but don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually. Once you reach the end, go to the right. (The dryads will let go of you.)

In this section, just climb up the branches and go to the left.

In this section, you need to make it through the maze of branches by climbing up vines. Some vines have elf-goblin-things on them, so make sure you get off of the vine if the creatures start cutting them with a knife.

At one point, you will go up, past a tree trunk that says “Dryads Only” and onto another little branch. You’ll begin to climb a vine, but an elf-goblin-thing will cut it. You’ll fall down onto the branch. You’ll get a rune from a stone. The Kobold Rune will go to your items. Continue on your way. Once you get to the end, go to the right.

In this section, you will see four vines. Start climbing one of the vines, anytime an elf-goblin-thing tries to cut the vine or starts chasing you up the vine, switch vines. Just keep doing that until you reach the top. Go up.

In this section, you will have to deal with dryads. Start running towards the right. Dryads will appear at regular intervals. Do one of these every time a dryad appears, and do this in the same. Jump, duck, enter the circle and exit it when you can get through the opening, enter another circle that’s smaller and going a different way. For the last one, just do the same thing that you did for the one before. Repeat the process once more. Once you reach the end, go right.

In this next section, trolls will throw boulders at you. Run over to the troll, avoid the boulders that it’s throwing, and jump up onto the troll’s back. From there, jump up to the next little path that’s above you. Repeat that process until you get to the last troll, which is the fourth one.

On that one, jump up onto the little platform that’s next to the troll. The troll will try to throw a boulder at you, but, instead, it will just fall on him.

Jump onto the boulder that’s on top of the troll. From there, jump up onto the path and go right. You’ll see another rune. Click on it. The Jötunn Rune will go to your items. Go right to the next section.

You will see a creature called a Nøkken disappear and walk away. In this section, just try jumping onto the tops of things like the mushrooms and the sign to avoid getting attacked by the Nøkken. In places where you can’t jump onto anything, just keep your eyes open for red footprints. If you see them, stay away from that place until the footprints walk away. There’s not much more that I can tell you to help you through this section. Just know that it might take a few tries, but in the end, you’ll get it.

Before you leave this section of the forest, make sure that you got the Näckrosor Rune. You should find it to your left when you come up from the second time that you go underwater. That part is right before you move onto the next section of the forest.

In the next section of the forest, you’ll begin walking, when, all of the sudden, some things that look sort of like the elf-goblin-things will begin chasing you. Basically all you have to do in this section is just keep ahead of the creatures and jump over any obstacles that get in your way. At the end of the section, jump into a little basket-like thing that’s on a rope. You’ll get the Dökkálfar Rune. Then the basket-like thing will slide down the rope, taking you away from the creatures.

Go right until you see a tree. There are little sections for you to put the runes in. Put them in the sections in the order that you got them. Here’s the order: the Lesovyk Rune, the Kobold Rune, the Jötunn Rune, the Näckrosor Rune, and the Dökkálfar Rune.

Some branches will move away, revealing a passageway in the tree’s trunk. Go through the passage.

You’ll enter a throne room, and you’ll see all of the creatures that attacked you. You’ll get scared, but then a creature standing by the throne will tell you that you’re the first human who has made it this far into the forest.

Walk over to the creature and talk to her. She will tell you that she’s the Elf Queen. When you ask where you are, the Elf Queen will tell you that you’re in the last refuge of the magical world, the Sacred Tree Hollow. She’ll also tell you that humans have nearly destroyed their habitat. Humans have destroyed much of the forest creatures’ home and taken much of its magic. The Elf Queen will tell you that the orb is the source for the remainder of the forest’s magic, and that it must be protected at all costs.

Suddenly, ropes will appear, and construction men will slide down them, including the man in the suit who first asked you to go into the forest. He will “thank” you for leading him to the magical heart of the forest. He will tell you that, thanks to you, it will now be easy to bulldoze the entire forest. One of the construction men will smash the orb to pieces. The men will take the pieces and then leave.

The Elf Queen will give you a necklace that contains the last bit of magic in the realm. She will tell you to use it to stop the developer and save the forest. The Forest Amulet will be added to your items. Then, all of the creatures, including the Queen, will be turned to stone. You will run out of the room.

You’ll find yourself in a little field, watching the construction vehicles going by. You have to stop them before they reach the forest!

Go to your items, find the Forest Amulet, and put it on. Three symbols will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. One green one, one orange one, and one red one.

Click on the green symbol. That will give a power to run super fast. Catch up to the vehicle with the wrecking ball. Jump up onto the top of the vehicle. Click on the orange symbol. That will give you super strength. Push the crane down using your super strength. Then, click on the blue symbol, that will give you the power of flight. Fly up to the top of the crane and pull the orange and black lever. That will drop the wrecking ball on the bulldozer.

Jump down onto the bulldozer, and press the orange symbol. Click on the wrecking ball. You’ll throw it onto the back of the dump truck. That will knock one of the construction guys off of it.

Click on the green symbol and run over to the dump truck. Jump up onto the fuse box.

Click on the orange symbol, and use your super strength to smash the fuse box. The dump truck will stop working, making all the other vehicles run into it.

You’ll then jump up to the door of the dump truck, and you’ll stomp, making the main construction guy come out. You’ll turn back to normal.

The man will apologize and say that he will never mess with the forest again. He will give you the orb’s shards back. You’ll run back to the throne room.

You will put the orb’s shards back in their place, the creatures will turn back to normal. You will give the Elf Queen back the Forest Amulet. The Queen will thank you. She’ll then give you the island medallion and some credits to spend in the Poptropica Store.

Congratulations! You have now completed Twisted Thicket Island!

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